TV Historian and curator, Professor Tracy Borman, is coming to the Isle of Wight to give a lively talk on Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII’s henchman in the 1530s, at Ryde School Lecture Theatre on Friday 6th May.

Thomas Cromwell’s life has made gripping reading for millions through bestselling novels, theatre and acclaimed television dramas, but who was the real Cromwell? Leading historian and TV presenter Professor Borman examines his life, loves and the legacy of the butcher’s boy who rose up the ranks of 16th century society and changed the shape of England forever.

Professor Borman has written widely on this tumultuous period of history, with a shelf of books dedicated to the lives of the people who populated the royal courts, both in fiction and nonfiction.
A best-selling author, historian and broadcaster, she studied and taught history at the University of Hull and was awarded a PhD in 1997. Her day jobs also include Chief Executive of the Heritage Education Trust, a charity that encourages children to visit and learn from historic properties, and Joint Chief Curator for Historic Royal Palaces.

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Professor Borman has appeared regularly on television, including presenting The Private Lives of the Monarchs, Channel 5’s Inside the Tower of London, and regularly contributes to a wide range
of national newspapers and history magazines.

The talk is free to members of the Historical Association and Island students. It is £7.50 for adult non members. Tickets or a free pass are required for entry and can be found at

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