A power cut has hit the Wootton area this morning (Wednesday), which has also affected homes in Binstead and Ryde.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks report that supply was lost at 06:05 with a total of 149 postcode areas affected, primarily in the PO33 4 region.

At 06:50, homes further afield in areas such as Binstead, Haylands and Ryde experienced a 3-minute loss of electricity supply.

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Although the lights have come back on for many, a number of properties are still in darkness.

Engineers are aware of the fault and expect to have power restored to all customers by 10:00.

149 known affected area(s)
PO30 2NB
PO30 4JX
PO32 6NJ
PO32 6NT
PO32 6NU
PO33 1YF
PO33 2HT
PO33 2NB
PO33 2PN
PO33 2RF
PO33 2RJ
PO33 2SU
PO33 2SZ
PO33 3ST
PO33 3SU
PO33 3SZ
PO33 3TA
PO33 3TB
PO33 4AA
PO33 4AB
PO33 4AF
PO33 4AG
PO33 4AH
PO33 4AP
PO33 4EB
PO33 4EJ
PO33 4EL
PO33 4EN
PO33 4EP
PO33 4ER
PO33 4ES
PO33 4ET
PO33 4EU
PO33 4EW
PO33 4EX
PO33 4EY
PO33 4EZ
PO33 4HB
PO33 4HD
PO33 4HE
PO33 4HF
PO33 4HH
PO33 4HJ
PO33 4HL
PO33 4HR
PO33 4HS
PO33 4HT
PO33 4HU
PO33 4HX
PO33 4HY
PO33 4HZ
PO33 4JA
PO33 4JB
PO33 4JD
PO33 4JE
PO33 4JF
PO33 4JH
PO33 4JJ
PO33 4JL
PO33 4JN
PO33 4JP
PO33 4JR
PO33 4JT
PO33 4JU
PO33 4JW
PO33 4JX
PO33 4LA
PO33 4LB
PO33 4LE
PO33 4LF
PO33 4LG
PO33 4LH
PO33 4LJ
PO33 4LL
PO33 4LN
PO33 4LP
PO33 4LQ
PO33 4LR
PO33 4LS
PO33 4LT
PO33 4LU
PO33 4LW
PO33 4LX
PO33 4LY
PO33 4LZ
PO33 4NA
PO33 4ND
PO33 4NE
PO33 4NF
PO33 4NG
PO33 4NH
PO33 4NJ
PO33 4NL
PO33 4NP
PO33 4NQ
PO33 4NR
PO33 4NS
PO33 4NT
PO33 4NU
PO33 4NW
PO33 4NX
PO33 4PA
PO33 4PB
PO33 4PE
PO33 4PF
PO33 4PG
PO33 4PH
PO33 4PJ
PO33 4PL
PO33 4PN
PO33 4PQ
PO33 4PR
PO33 4PT
PO33 4PU
PO33 4PW
PO33 4PX
PO33 4PY
PO33 4PZ
PO33 4QA
PO33 4QB
PO33 4QD
PO33 4QE
PO33 4QF
PO33 4QG
PO33 4QH
PO33 4QQ
PO33 4QT
PO33 4QU
PO33 4QX
PO33 4QY
PO33 4QZ
PO33 4RA
PO33 4RB
PO33 4RD
PO33 4RE
PO33 4RF
PO33 4RG
PO33 4RH
PO33 4RJ
PO33 4RL
PO33 4RN
PO33 4RP
PO33 4RQ
PO33 4RR
PO33 4RS
PO33 4RW
PO33 4RY
PO33 4RZ

For further information about this power cut call the dedicated helpline by dialling 105.

Alternatively, you can send SSEN a message on Facebook or Twitter (@ssencommunity).

App: Did you know SSEN also have a mobile phone app where you can report, locate, track and subscribe to faults in your area?

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Laura Wyatt
Laura Wyatt
4 months ago

Po333ty aswell it’s back on now but no internet!

Mary Janson's
Mary Janson's
Reply to  Laura Wyatt
4 months ago

Our dishwasher is stuck in cycle now.

Old bean
Old bean
4 months ago

Why why why when they fix previous problems they don’t do it properly very run down company

4 months ago

SSEN up to their old tricks again cutting power whenever and wherever they feel like it disgraceful service and it will only get worse until they are brought to account for it

Old bean
Old bean
Reply to  Steve
4 months ago

People will vote us down with our comments but people don’t know how inexperienced work force are

4 months ago

SSEN says it supplies electricity to 3.7 million properties unfortunately its not all at the same time

Concerned of Wootton
Concerned of Wootton
4 months ago

Power cuts seem to be happening more frequently now, and it isn’t even windy today!
At least we can rest assured that when the hundreds of new houses are built, this power outage issue will be sorted!
It’s a bit like hoping Boris will get a decent haircut

Reply to  Concerned of Wootton
4 months ago

Done on the cheap, always has been, always will be. It’s the British way.

4 months ago

It doesn’t surprise me with the amount of power cuts we get on the island, everywhere you go seems to have the roads dug up, and no-one working once the holes have been dug.

If your lucky, you may see one or two workmen sat in vans or trucks eating crap food and reading the gutter press..

Tim C
Tim C
4 months ago

I was two thirds of the way through boiling the kettle for my flask when the power went this morning.
First power cut I’ve had for many many years, I think they do okay.

Reply to  Tim C
4 months ago

Having gas as well is a good thing, you can still have a hot drink…

4 months ago

Many will be growing in lofts, shed, garages and basements and on cold days draw a massive amount of energy.

Note we are never told WHY the power was cut.

Imagine the problem when thousands more homes are built.

Vote this lot out next time we are ‘allowed’ to use a ballot box.

The oracle
The oracle
4 months ago

What is the matter with you people over there on the IOW. You should be grateful to the SSEN staff for their swift response when faults occur. It seems to me that Steve and Old Bean etc are ex electricity workers who didn’t make the grade or were part of the massive clear out of ‘dead wood’ following privatisation. Probably the latter. Get that chip off your shoulders.

Old bean
Old bean
Reply to  The oracle
4 months ago

If only

Reply to  The oracle
4 months ago

Worst thing that ever happened was privatisation cos all the best people left and were replaced by inexperienced workers and they have never recovered

Reply to  The oracle
4 months ago

As you are not on the Island why do you keep commenting on things that don’t concern your standard of living. Maybe it’s because you want to live here but can’t

Reply to  The oracle
4 months ago

Well said The Oracle, certainly Steve and Old Bean have some sort of issue with SSE, I personally think they do a grand job. They clearly don’t remember the amount of power cuts during the years of nationalisation.
Its a shame they’re allowed to rubbish a perfectly good company without any substance to their stupid comments !

Perfect P
Perfect P
Reply to  FJ.......
4 months ago

Everytime I drive past these workers I always think what a wonderful hard working work force they are! The men that work on the poles are incredibly brave! There lunches can’t be that bad as there in great shape!

4 months ago

If a wire breaks in your house a light goes out, if a wire breaks on the 11000v network – thousands of lights go out. Get used to it – stuff breaks.
We could always heat your homes with the hot air from steves totally uneducated mouth.

Old bean
Old bean
Reply to  Dave
4 months ago

I take it you work for sse are you the tea boy the person that stands on back of van doing nothing by any chance

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