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It’s official! Burger King have finally confirmed their plans to open a restaurant on the Isle of Wight following the submission of a planning application to the Isle of Wight Council.

The fast food giant plans to open its first Isle of Wight outlet, which will include a ‘drive-past’, at Coppins Bridge leisure complex in the heart of Newport.

Burger King, which will be located in an area of the complex formally occupied by Office Outlet, will create 50 new jobs here on the Island. It will be open between 06:00 and midnight, 7 days a week.

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Additional jobs will be created with the opening of a 24-hour gym called ‘The Gym’ at Coppins Bridge. A further 2 ‘flexible use’ units are also available, potentially bringing the total number of new business to the site to 4.

Some may be disappointed at the news of a 24-hour gym opening on the site as there are already plans in place to open another 24 hour gym at Town Gate Retail Park in Newport. Previously, there had been rumours circulating that a bowling alley or other indoor attraction would be opened up at Coppins Bridge.

Should the plans be approved, there will be changes to the lower car park at Coppins Bridge to create 3 lanes – a Burger King drive-thru, a KFC drive-thru and an exit lane for vehicles leaving the car park. This will result in the loss of just 1 parking space.


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Keith the Trucker

Nice one. Will be good to be offered the choice.

West wighter

Burger King
Another place to spend your benefits !!


What is your implied meaning of this comment?

Susan shortman

Really,do we need this.


No, we don’t!

Bob Seeley

I think this will be a great investment into island life and infrastructure!

Becky Fenner

Can’t believe Im actually agreeing with Seeley


Having BK here will offer a nice (IMHO better) alternative to McD’s.
but I think claiming it “will be a great investment into island life and infrastructure” is taking it a little too far.
makes it sound like you’re trying to claim some political brownie points for it happening 🙂

IOW Citizen

What picture of our island and society would a rational person expect to come out of the structures being built across our Island?

Patrick Hall

You are right of course, but I’m over 70 now and I understand that there must be a demand for a ‘Burger King’ outlet although unless I was very, very hungry I wouldn’t wish to eat there.

West wighter

Hardly a breaking news story is it !!


Great news and creating more jobs for all.

West wighter

Bugger oooofff


Isn’t there one at Merrie Gardens????

K Jones

It’s too big for a Burger King don’t you think? Maplins is smaller, they will probably be in there we just need a bowling alley in the office outlet

Tina Fuller

So glad there finally will be a burger king

C R Paxton

Personally if a burger meal is called for , usually as a treat for the grand kids, my wife and I much much prefer Burger King to the alternatives.
We look forward to eating a better quality burger on the island, at last.



Christine Charles

I personally think this is a great aspect to the island, it gives jobs to people and creating new experiences for child in the work space.

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