Officers seen carrying out checks in Ryde this afternoon


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Police on the Isle of Wight say that it is clear to them that lots of people are not heeding the government’s orders to say indoors unless absolutely essential.

Officers have been carried out patrols across the Island today (Tuesday), speaking with individuals and even stopping vehicles to enquire as to the driver’s reasons for being out.

The government are looking to implement additional powers to be able to enforce people staying at home – but Police say this is not a position they want to find themselves in and are urging Islanders to take the advice and only make essential trips.

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If you see a patrolling constable or Police Community Support Officer, expect them to ask you what you are doing and why you are out and about.


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These people obviously do not have young school age children!! Arrest them and put them in prison!! I do not want to be home schooling any longer than I have to!!!

Reika Kitami

Should have thought about that before you spread your legs lmao


You bloody idiot arnt ya what a thing to say about sheryl do u even no this women NO u probably don’t


You’re a twat reika lol


You absolute creature Reika


No reason to be out then fine them

Paul Downer

Until the government say total lockdown this will still happen


Not indoors, at home


When will people learn? Do they want to be in this position for longer than necessary? Fine them all for all our sakes.


An 85 year old picked his friend up today , they went out for 5 hours shopping then to see family they clearly haven’t got the message this was in brighstone

Old bean

If there is no need for these people to be out fine them police need to toughen there’s no respect these days


Good on ya! Fine the buggers if there out for no reason!

Opinions Matter

What the hell is wrong with these people are they that thick or do they think they can continue going out as and when they feel like it. Idiots. They are obviously not bright enough to understand the consequences of their actions. Fine them, they won’t be so keen to keep going out then. The police have a difficult enough job to do anyway, they don’t need morons thinking they can ignore the government.


I drove to go cycling in more remote location than where I live, hardly a threat to anyone as only saw one other cyclist. Where is the problem with that?

Reika Kitami

As a closet alcoholic, am I allowed to regularly pop down the offies to stock up on cheap cider and rum or is it not considered an “essential supply trip”
Just curious as given the state I’m in, I’m worried I’ll get the shakes or worse.


I’m self-employed, one minute the Government are saying no unnecessary going out and then they say you can work if you can’t work from home! What are you meant to do?


We are aloud to work now. The wording and guidelines have been updated. It was worded essential work and now it’s travel to and from work if you absolutely can not work from home. Wish the gov would make it clearer!


We were going to go into work today but after a sleepless night have decided it’s not worth putting our customers and ourselves at risk. This means no money coming in so we desperately need the government to put something into place for the self-employed.


wish you would learn to spell ,allowed not aloud


They can ask – but please the respect the answer if it falls into the categories allowed and move on.
We don’t want people acting irresponsibly and flouting the rules but when the rules haven’t been flouted we don’t want the matter pursued either do we?

Marc hughes


Gav B.Sc.

Why aren’t they asking visitors why they are here and ignoring the the lock down, if we have got to do it then so should they.


Why are the police stopping cars to check the reason for the journey? This is NOT part of the government guidelines. You can walk about with members of your own household and being in a car with them or as individuals in a car is also acceptable. Crowds are not. I thought the iow police would over react and waste there time….perhaps they were driving to the shop for ……shopping! Still you lot want to run around looking for someone to nail to the cross, sad people.


I agree.Guidelines say you are allowed out following the rules in the second sentence of quote below. I know there are some being ridiculous but others should not be demonised for doing what IS allowed. “Shopping for basic necessities, for example food and medicine, which must be as infrequent as possible.
One form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle – alone or with members of your household.
Any medical need, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person.
Travelling to and from work, but only where this absolutely cannot be done from home.”

deborah Thomas

unfortunately people r still shopping to often I have people coming into my shop two times in one day and not a carer getting for others


As quoted today: It is “unlikely” police will be pulling cars over just for driving, Mr Gove said. So as long as you leave the shopping outside their door it should be fine.
That was a question put to him regarding driving to elderly parents to get there food supplies.


Stamp them with indelible ink which means they won’t get healthcare if they get ill. Save the beds and ventilators for those who are trying to protect society.

Key worker

Then fine them…. they will stay indoors then. Make them give not only a valid reason for being on the streets, in shops etc. Make them clarify ‘WHY’ they are out. We key workers have a hard enough job as it is. Get Boris to tell people they will get a fine each time they are found outside, get them to justify and ensure they can back it up. Sick of all these selfish people putting other people’s family and friends at risk. POLICE…ACT NOW AND STAMP IT OUT.


Saw a gang of scum congregated by the library for hours yesterday. Lots of cider guzzlers meandering around like normal.. they’ve got no respect for themselves never mind anyone else. How you going to fine them? Stop 10p out of their giros every week

Stan Dupright

If they really want to be outside like that, ignoring the warnings, maybe round them up and chain them to the nearest lamppost. Leave them there alone in the open for two or three days. That might just re-educate them to behave and stay indoors.


There’s enough warnings going around – no excuse for it


Good morning, Well people, wise up on the Isle of Wight, we have soldiers already here, don’t know where there camped, there here because it going to hit here very soon, so let’s do what we’re told, and more,


Good stop these idiots traveling around to see friends and family just for a chat or cus they’re bored at home!! Get used to it!! Or pay the fines!!

Gareth Fletcher

Dont know if this is slightly off thread, but here goes. The police are following instructions to find out why people are out and about in their cars and indeed their destinations and what they intend doing at that destination, fair enough. We are given guidelines on what we are allowed to do and what we cant do by the government. most of it clear enough, some a bit woolly. The driver can say he or she is following the guidelines, i.e. going to work, getting shopping, etc etc . The police I would imagine have to except these. reasons… Read more »


The rules are that you can do your shopping, get medicine and banking. No gathering of more than two people. Keep your distance. You are also allowed to exercise once a day. If the people are sticking to these rules, then why fine them? I was buying four tins of beans, and this had to be checked if I could buy them, but because if was for the food bank it was allowed. People are too quick to point fingers and shout lock them up or fine them, without knowing the reasons why. Because of selfish people who went of… Read more »

Michael cormason

Oh well..thanks to these idiots everywhere martial law will be the next stage and see how they like that..he has tried to treat us as adults but obviously some cannot be responsible or they know better…thanks from a vulnerable oap for putting us all at risk you selfish people

Robert jolliffe

Very well said.


Would be nice if the police would stop those awful loud sounding motorbike’s and quads that some are riding around Ryde just so they can make a noise

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