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pennyfeathersIn just 4 years road names such as The Avenue and Brading Boulevard could be appearing in Ryde if plans are approved for the new Pennyfeathers Village on the outskirts of the town.

The scheme, which has been met by both support and opposition in the past, would see the building of a brand new primary school for up to 450 children, a new car garage, commercial units, a community centre, a sports building, structural landscaping, play areas and more than 900 homes.

A planning application has this week been submitted once again having been refused by the Council back in November 2013, with some notable changes to the overall plan. More green space has been allocated – 16.4ha to 24.5ha – and changes to traffic links on Smallbrook Lane have been proposed with a roundabout allowing access to land off Great Preston Road should any industrial developments take place in the future. More hedgerows will be retained under the revised plans also.

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pennyfeathers2The village, proposed to built on land off Brading Road, would improve not only the traffic flow in the area but would allow a walking and cycling link to Harding Shute, Ryde Cricket Club and towards Smallbrook Stadium. It has been noted that without Pennyfeathers, surrounding junctions such as Westridge Cross will not be improved and traffic will increase. Pennyfeathers is said to offer an opportunity to resolve existing problems and provide a choice for proposed and existing car users.

Should the application be approved, between 2015 and 2019 the area would see;

[alert-success]- Up to 382 properties built
– The widening of Brading Road to create ‘Brading Boulevard’
– A new roundabout installed at Cothey Way (main access to the site)
– The building of a new Westridge Garage with demolition of the current building
– Improvements to Westridge Cross
– The creation of ‘The Avenue’ (the main road into Pennyfeathers)
– A new railway bridge built at Smallbrook (or widened)
– A link road built between ‘New Smallbrook Lane’ and Great Preston Road
– The creation of a cycleway and footpath through to Harding Shute[/alert-success]

Within a further four years, up until 2023, another 296 properties would be built with more footpaths put in place and the creation of commercial buildings. By 2027 – just 12 years away – there would be a further 226 properties built with more commercial buildings.

According to planning documents submitted, Southern Vectis say there is scope for their Route 2 buses to divert into the village without impeding too much on the existing timetable, with planners hoping that each property would be within 200m of a bus stop.

Natural England have confirmed they are happy with the proposed on-site open space proposals and the Environment Agency have said they have no objections to the Pennyfeathers development, although suggest a variety of conditions.

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Despite the many positives and adjustments made, the new planning application has already been met with strong opposition.

One local resident comments that the Island’s services cannot cope with a potential further 3,600 people, whilst another says the area is unsuitable for a housing development of the suggested size. Other comments include concerns about the increase in traffic – although improvements would be made to the transport infrastructure – and worries about site contamination as the land has been used by cattle.

A website for residents concerned by the development is online at

Anyone wishing to comment on the plans have until 30th January 2015. For full details and to comment visit

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