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A pedestrian has been involved in a minor collision with a car at Morton Road near Brading this morning (Friday).

The Isle of Wight Ambulance Service is currently on scene with a rapid response paramedic and an ambulance crew tending to the injured woman.

Island Echo understands that the collision occurred when a vehicle was manoeuvring on a driveway.

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Firefighters from Shanklin were passing the scene shortly after the incident occurred, with the retained crew stopping to provide assistance.

Traffic was initially heavy in both directions between Yarbridge Cross and Sandown but is now back to normal levels.

The woman is not thought to have sustained any life-threatening injuries. She is to be conveyed to St Mary’s Hospital.

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Anne Wilson

Hope shes ok

Az-zahra Aziz

Goes without saying, Anne, yet we clearly need more speed cameras hidden, not obvious ones. This could be cheaply achieved by allowing traffic wardens to use their own cars and have a speed camera in each. They are not obvious and would catch a lot of chav’s and other low life racer types.

Grumpy Old Git

Island Echo understands that the collision occurred when a vehicle was manoeuvring on a driveway.
So you want speed cameras on driveways? Eejit


I think he needs a hug…..

Some Guy

Yes because people slamming on the breaks to avoid last second cameras wont cause any accidents at all will it?? Duh!

Im not a chav but being a chav and/or having a modified car is not a crime

ray kerslake

Speed cameras are on show to stop speeding, not to make money by being hidden.

Don’t care

Learn to read before commenting. Idiot

Mark Dunsford

Ignoring the fundamental illegality of hidden cameras you should probably consider the consequences of the resulting culture of fear where drivers spend more time looking at their speedometer than the road. My personal preference would be to develop and promote solutions that help drivers to keep to an appropriate speed for the road and conditions (not just the limit) and let them know when they drift outside. That said, as per Grumpy’s comment, nothing can compensate for a lack of observation or a loss of concentration. I’m just glad the woman wasn’t too badly hurt and hope that the driver… Read more »

Krisy chiverton

He wasn’t speeding, he was reversing. Hope all that was involved is ok.


More bad driving on the IoW


Shut up

Az-zahra Aziz

Clearly most of you speed, hence the fear in having more hidden cameras.
OK, then how about this, LIKE on Ryde pier, a camera takes your number plate then cameras on other roads then do likewise. An AVERAGE speed is then calculated to work out if you have sped. That way you don’t just jam the brakes on when you see the yellow camera but monitor your speed all the time.

Island independence now!

Shouldn’t be reversing off a drive onto the road
Highway code?


They were reversing from the road onto their driveway.


I was there. Speed was not a factor at all in this incident.

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