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A female pedestrian has been involved in a collision with a double decker bus in the heart of Newport tonight (Saturday).

Emergency services are currently on scene at South Street next to the pedestrian crossing outside Morrisons supermarket.

Island Echo understands that the Route 9 double decker left the bus station at around 20:40 but just moments into its journey became involved in a road traffic collision.

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The front windscreen of the bus has been smashed on the near side.

Police have cordoned off the scene as investigations into the incident get underway. No arrests have been made.

South Street is expected to remain closed between Furrlongs (Cineworld) and Church Litten for the next couple of hours as doctors carry out their initial assessment of the woman’s injuries at St Mary’s Hospital.

UPDATE @ 23:05 – Simon Moye, Southern Vectis’ operations manager, has tonight issued a statement:

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“One of our vehicles was involved in an incident in Newport earlier this evening when a pedestrian stepped in front of the bus. 
“The pedestrian was treated by paramedics at the scene, and taken to hospital. At this stage we do not know the extent of their injuries, but we are monitoring their progress and wish them a full and speedy recovery.
“We are providing support for our driver. We are also assisting police as they carry out their enquiries.” 

UPDATE SUNDAY @ 07:00 – It is understood that the casualty has been airlifted to Southampton General Hospital suffering from a bleed on the brain.

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It’s not a good crossing there as people wont wait for the crossing light and traffic are going very fast there hope they are ok

Grumpy Old Git

That crossing is lethal, even more so since they changed the lights. The number of close shaves I have seen there.
If the green man was visible across the road instead of having to stand sideways to look at the lights next to you it might be better.There should also be a sign warning of buses coming from the right as well. All very well making ‘educational films’ about using the crossing, but whoever designed that type of crossing made no allowances for human behaviour.

John Lambert

Don’t blame the driver – I saw the accident and the woman walked into the road without looking – how many times I have seen the same behaviour

Timothy Cooper

If you have buses coming in the opposite direction from general traffic this will continue to happen. It’s entirely the fault of the planning department. I’ve lived on the island for 50 years and only know of one collision in Newport before they introduced the bus lanes. There have been 5 or 6 since.



nikki perkins

well it said she stepped in front of it so her own fault but hope she makes a full recovery I know how hard it is to cross there so kids remember to look both ways!!!

none given

The lights on the panels couldn’t be clearer – look at them in the picture. You do not need warning signs – if people aren’t even going to take notice of a bright light, they won’t read a sign – most are glued to their phones and cannot even be bothered to look up these days.


Even zebra crossings people will not wait for cars to come too a complete stop..


It’s true the lights on the panels are clear, if you can see them, but they are too low and the overall light system on that x-roads is poor despite the ‘way over the top’ number of lights.


It is a two way road and it is not just buses that come from the right. Those pedestrian signals were designed with wheelchair users and poor sighted people in mind.


Why are people constantly mentioning the crossing?.. That bus is stopped way down from the crossing.. It wouldn’t have carried on that far as it would have run her over


I thought that myself, its past the crossing, and even if it did result in the bus carrying on it would not have gone that far, thinking of the driver and the woman in the accident


The bus has stopped only one bus length from the crossing and collision point. The second photo clearly shows the back of the bus and the crossing lights.


There should be a speed limit of 10 mph for buses in the town centre. They go too fast and too close to the people on the pavement.
This would be much safer in the towns.
Hope the person is doing okay.


Wow.. you recorded the speed of the bus you didn’t witness.. wow.. well done you


Crossing might not be cause of this incident,but consistently people are left in middle of road when they turn green for traffic outside Sports Direct. Hope the person is able to recover,thoughts with her and driver.

nikki perkins

well it said she stepped in front of it so her own fault but hope she makes a full recovery I know how hard it is to cross there so kids remember to look both ways!!!

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