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New measures are set for approval to improve the ‘pedestrian experience’ and safety in Ryde High Street – but with a loss of on-street parking for residents and visitors to the cinema, bingo hall and local food outlets.

The changes look set to include tight time restrictions on delivery vehicles (06:00 to 10:00), a new ‘no parking zone’ at all times and a new restriction preventing vehicles driving up the High Street at any time of the day or night. This means that residents will have to find elsewhere to park in Ryde, which will no doubt result in paying for a parking permit.

It is also understood that parking will be lost on Garfield Road with current public parking transformed into loading bays. The impact the removal of parking will have on local businesses is yet to be seen.

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There would also be changes to the ‘no entry’ status of neighbouring Anglesea Street from George Street, should the plans be approved. This means market vehicles will enter the square outside the Co-Operative from George Street. Residents living on Anglesea Street will have to find elsewhere to park.

The improvements have been prompted by Ryde Town Council to enhance the shopping experience in the High Street, and also have the support of Ryde Business Association. They cover an area of Ryde High Street from Garfield Road to Star Street, including part of Anglesea Street and the town square.

A 28-day consultation was held on the changes in March this year – including with police, the town council and local councillors. 26 letters of representation were received and have ‘been considered’.

The Isle of Wight Council’s Cabinet member for infrastructure and transport, Councillor Ian Ward, is now recommending amendments to traffic orders to allow the changes to be brought in. His delegated decision report, including the recommendation, has been published today (Friday 13 December) here.

The report says the changes would reduce risks for pedestrians, remove inconsiderate parking and improve access for emergency vehicles.

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Councillor Ward said:

“We hope these changes will make shopping and using this pedestrianised area a safer and more enjoyable experience, and would like to thank all those who have contributed to the discussions involved in this initiative.”

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John age uk

Won’t you do when you delivering to the shops by van


Can we have that in English?

Az-zahra Aziz

How stupid, just as Ryde is about to double in size as the greedy council ‘gave’ or perhaps otherwise, permission for well over a thousand new homes, and ‘another’ industrial estate, despite several industrial buildings still now disused on the ‘adjoining’ one already. Likely just a ‘ploy’ as once green field sites have permission for brown field industrial use, then even as is likely here, they will be unwanted, it is then FAR far easier to ‘change’ that permission to more housing. One can be assured that those who will ‘make’ a fortune out of this ruination of Ryde, will… Read more »


Idiots park and drive where they want you can’t event get to shops nothing about disabled people in big jeeps of to bingo ? Pick on young mums ?


Change is scary for you isn’t it. But you know what happens to sea side towns that don’t change, they die. Is that you want? Absolute poverty when all the workers have left?

This is good for the Island and Ryde, it creates jobs!

john Biddle

Stupid nonsense it will lose more trade for the high street still if that’s what they want then goodbye high street. Personally I gave up shopping in Ryde high Street ages ago in fact I shop online now if Ryde town can provide adequate parking for cars then the losers ill be the retail outlets. Internet shopping is the future.

none given

There are far more people in Ryde high street shopping than there are cars – what is wrong with using co-op car park – it is big enough

Don't tell him pike.

And where exactly are residents supposed to park .

none given

How awful that a resident with a flat above a shop, cannot park outside the shop. Park in a designated parking area and buy a permit, if you want to live in town. Why should pedestrians have to squeeze between cars parked outside of shops or dodge out of the way of cars driving up through the high street.

It isn’t going to severely impact the footfall in Ryde High street at all and will open the area up nicely.

Jim Bob

Yes this should be considered, what about Anglesea street were will they park, not being considerate on residents at all


Well done council. Another nail in the coffin of the high street for a quick buck in parking fees. Is there anything they won’t do to destroy our high streets?

Isla wight

They are trying to do the same in ventnor, spouting on about safety of users, wider pavemnts for mobility vehicles, because lets face there not small any more and there are an increasing number of them on the pavements, but hey guess what, people use their common sense and walk around them, like they do ladies who decide to have a 20 minute chat in the middle of the pavement

none given

pedestrianised zones are just that – for people to walk in, not for car owners to drive through and park directly outside the shop in.

Mark Dunsford

How exactly will stopping residents parking when the shops are shut improve safety or benefit anyone? (Anyone who hasn’t just introduced overnight parking charges, that is of course)

If they really wanted to improve the experience for shoppers they’d be looking to get empty units filled and helping the full ones stay in business.

none given

why should vehicle owners be permitted to park in pedestrian zones at any time. You do not see cars parked in the pedestrianised areas of Portsmouth.

Hundreds if not more use Ryde High street each and every day who do not use cars – buy a permit or park in co – op car park.



No Brainer

Out of town shops thrive because they have car parks and pay lower business rates. It is not rocket science. High street shops need the same rates concessions and parking spaces nearby . Otherwise our cherished High Streets will be gone forever. Wake up Councilllord before it’s too late.

Mrs Sandra Poole

You were not allowed to park up there until after 6.00pm.Shop’s are closed before then so where do the shopper’s fall into this,I agree with not parking on the pavement but that is all.

Martin (Ryde)

Idiots.. Its already a nightmare to park on George Street!

none given

I have walked through the high street at night and on sundays – there is at most, about 15 cars there and some nights far less.

The council will have had guys out at these times assessing how many cars are parked – as the number is minimal, the number of complaints against them will be minimal – this will go ahead as planned.

none given


bit of an over exaggeration.. it is not a “nightmare” parking on george street.

There are a specified number of spaces available – you calmly drive into one or go some where else, if they are occupied – hardly a nightmare.

having to walk more than 5 centimetres from your front door to your car door is not a nightmare.

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