‘Our Ryde’ last Thursday won 58% of the votes cast for Ryde Town Council elections (4,828 votes out of 8,282 cast) and now have an overall majority on the Town Council – despite only standing for 8 of the 14 seats available.

In February this year, an informal group of Ryde residents started a virtual conversation, due to COVID-19, with Councillor Michael Lilley and Town Councillor Phil Jordan talking about getting wider representation and non-party political involvement in Ryde Town Council. The idea of Our Ryde was born and 7 local residents (Jenna Sabine, Lisa Carter, Richard May, Joanne Park, John McClagan, Simon Cooke and Georgie Carter) joined Cllrs Lilley and Jordan to form Our Ryde, to give residents a greater say in their Town.

The highest vote achieved on 6th May was for Our Ryde founder and current Mayor of Ryde, Councillor Michael Lilley, with 911 votes. 6 other candidates each received well over 500 votes. 7 of the group’s candidates are totally new to local politics and this is the first time they have stood for office and represent their community.

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New councillor Lisa Carter – of the Ryde Appley & Elmfield ward – says:

“I wish to thank all residents that supported and voted for Our Ryde. I am thrilled to be a part of Ryde Town Council and am honoured to serve the community. I’m looking forward to consulting with our residents and implementing their wishes as well as learning about the difficulties the council faces and coming up with creative solutions. It is my dream to engage everyone in discussions about our town and through actioning change, bring hope to apathetic voters. Exciting times are ahead!”

Fellow new councillor Joanne Park – of Ryde South-East – says:

“As a resident of Ryde my whole life, I have seen and lived in almost every ward! I am so pleased and proud to be part of Our Ryde and our values of listening to the community, representing the residents and making ourselves open and approachable. I can’t wait to support Ryde to be the wonderful place it is and make everyone proud to live here”.

Former headteacher and newly-elected councillor Richard May – representing Ryde West with 591 votes – says:

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“I’m delighted to have been elected and very much look forward to working with the rest of Ryde Town Council to bring about the changes and development in the town that the community wants and needs.  I am proud to be part of the Our Ryde movement, to have helped to change the makeup of the Council to better reflect the town we represent and to move away from the main party tribalism that can stifle positive change.  That all nine Our Ryde candidates were voted in convincingly is a clear message that this was both needed and wanted.”

Out of 16 Ryde councillors only 1 is a member of a mainland political party with no members of Labour or Conservative parties. In 2017, 70% of Ryde Town Council Councillors were members of political parties. All 16 live and work in Ryde.

Councillor Georgie Carter – Ryde Monkton Mead – adds:

“I am absolutely thrilled and honoured to have been chosen to represent, Ryde Monktonmead where I live, at Ryde Town Council. I am so keen to engage as many people as I can, from all walks of life, in the important work that is undertaken at Town Council level. I am ready to learn from the experienced Councillors already on board but I am also keen to bring new perspectives and ideas to the table too. For the first time in its history, Ryde Town Council is more reflective of the community it serves which is a fantastic achievement. It’s a truly exciting time for Ryde and I’m ever so grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.”

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The Ryde Town Council AGM is on the 17th May and Our Ryde group are standing for all the Chairs of the Committees, the role of Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

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1 year ago

Cancel all the ridiculous building plans for Ryde
Keep Ryde Green
Pennyfeathers is not needed

isle of wighter
isle of wighter
Reply to  Lee
1 year ago

then they know the priorities…

no more ridiculous house building on greenland such as penny feathers
no more drunken deadbeats around the sea front
a reduction in council tax
a reduction in the size of the council
a sizeable increase in 2nd home council tax charge – to deter non resident buying.
no taxpayer funded moves to or from the island for benefit claimants.

turn up for work each day and deliver on the spiel you trotted out during the campaigning aspect of your path to council positions. In other words be as good as your word and give value for money and deliver savings… or you will be seen in the same way as the rest.


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