Brand new political group ‘Our Ryde’ won 9 seats and the majority on Ryde Town Council, promising to keep investing in the community.

Compromising of prominent Ryde politicians Michael Lilley and Phil Jordan, along with a host of new faces, Our Ryde stormed the results of the Ryde Town Council election.

Winning at least 1 seat in all but 1 ward of Ryde, the group made good on one of its election promises – to make the town council more diverse and ‘truly representative’.

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Before the election, held on Thursday, Our Ryde said it aimed to change the average age of the group (which was previously over 70 years old), as well as its gender split. There used to be 4 female councillors but there are now 6 female councillors —  including 4 under the Our Ryde banner.

In Ryde Appley and Elmfield, 3 Our Ryde candidates took all the available seats.

It is a new look all round, for Ryde Town Council with former big names Henry Adams, Tim Wakeley, Wayne Whittle and Nancy Farrell not standing for re-election in 2021. Former councillors Lou Temel, Sue Lyons and Diana Conyers did put themselves forward, but were unsuccessful in their re-election campaigns.

Gaining their seats back were councillors Lilley and Jordan, Charles Chapman, Malcolm Ross, Ian Stephens and Karen Lucioni.

10 new councillors — 7 from Our Ryde — will now sit on Ryde Town Council, including some newly-elected to the Isle of Wight Council. They are Isle of Wight Councillor for Binstead and Fishbourne, Ian Dore, and Karen Lucioni for Ryde Monktonmead.

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Les Kirkby also ran in the Isle of Wight Council election but finished a close second for Haylands and Swanmore. He was more successful, however, in being elected to Ryde Town Council.

There was a gain for the Island Independent Network – Jessica Higgins. It now has 3 representatives, alongside councillors Stephens and Lucioni.

Ryde Town Council – Results

Binstead Ward (2 seats) – Turnout 43.5%

  • Diana Conyers – 254
  • Simon Cooke, Our Ryde – 362 (Elected)
  • Christopher Cory, Ind – 90
  • Ian Dore, Ind – 676 (Elected)

Haylands and Swanmore Ward (2 seats) – Turnout 32.83%

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  • Les Kirkby – 557 (Elected)
  • Sue Lyons – 230
  • Malcolm Ross – 432 (Elected)

Ryde Appley and Elmfield Ward (3 seats) – Turnout 34.83%

  • Lisa Carter, Our Ryde – 517 (Elected)
  • Paul Hampton, Green – 164
  • Michael Lilley, Our Ryde – 911 (Elected)
  • Jenna Sabine, Our Ryde – 550 (Elected)

Ryde Monktonmead Ward (3 seats) – Turnout 30.18%

  • Georgie Carter, Our Ryde – 516 (Elected)
  • Charles Chapman – 366 (Elected)
  • Karen Lucioni, IIN – 555 (Elected)
  • Mick Lyons – 165

Ryde North West Ward (2 seats) – Turnout 34.92%

  • Phil Jordan, Our Ryde – 696 (Elected)
  • John McLagan, Our Ryde – 685 (Elected)
  • Steven Sheridan – 251
  • Phil Truckel – 194

Ryde South East Ward – (uncontested)

  • Jessica Higgins
  • Jo Park

Ryde West Ward (2 seats) – Turnout 34.96%

  • Richard May, Our Ryde – 591 (Elected)
  • Ian Stephens, IIN – 476 (Elected)
  • Lou Temel – 263

Find out who your local councillor is, how and where to vote and the results of previous elections at www.isleofwight.vote - the Island's new hub for all things related to Local and General Elections, brought to you by Island Echo.

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isle of wighter
isle of wighter
1 year ago

They can throw out penny feathers and all the other polluting plans then – no more housebuilding on greenfield sites.

As there is widespread opposition to this and all other major building on the island – I expect them to listen to those who voted for them and kick this disgusting, polluting, CO2 increasing scheme out, which would have destroyed the environment in the area, caused more problems than it is worth and just enriched a few developers and councillors at the expense of the environment and islanders quality of life.

Helen Highwater
Helen Highwater
1 year ago

Looks as though Ryde has got it right – others please copy.

1 year ago

must obey echos view..only post good things about Our Ryde, why put comment box if you delete everything oh great little big tech???…

Sparkling Ovens
Sparkling Ovens
1 year ago

Ryde town council ALL voted to not give permission for Penny Feathers, yet, it went ahead anyway.

The main council ching ching, ignore them.

They are just there for sitting the next dog bin, or bench.

Little that matters, hence are toothless and useless.


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