Officers from the Joint Roads Policing Unit of Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police (TVP) arrested 102 people across the Hampshire region in the first 15 days of the dedicated operation to deter and detect drink and drug driving.

Additional roads policing patrols are being conducted throughout December with every driver involved in a collision being breathalysed by Police. Regular roadside drug tests are being carried out when there is reasonable grounds to suspect a motorist may have a trace amount of an illegal drug in their body.

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Between 1st-15th December a total of 85 arrests were made for drink offences; 14 arrests for drugs offences and 7 arrests for failing to provide a specimen offences (Please note that these arrest figures listed above include situations where one motorist may be arrested for more than one suspected offence). Arrests so far have led to 74 charges, 19 decisions to bail after arrest and 12 decisions to release with no further action.

Superintendent Simon Dodds, Head of the Joint Roads Policing Unit, said:

“Driving under the influence is a deliberate act. If you are going out and plan to be having a drink, remove the temptation; leave your keys at home and arrange a lift. If you know somebody is driving under the influence – it could even be your friends or family – tell us so we can put a stop to it before it is too late.”

If you suspect someone is driving while impaired by drink or drugs, take action to report details to Police. Phone Hampshire Constabulary on 101 or text 80999 with all the details of the vehicle, driver, location and times. In a life-threatening emergency, always dial 999. If you wish to remain anonymous, phone the independent Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.