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With a population of a little over 140,000, Wight is hardly one of England’s most populated landscapes. What we lack in raw population, however, we make up for in connectivity. Punching far above our weight when it comes to the internet, our progress stands as some of the best in the nation. Rarely is this as well illustrated as by online casinos, which perfectly demonstrate our capabilities from Totland to Bembridge, and everywhere in-between.

Getting Competitive

Being able to connect to the internet at all is a start, but a true test of connectivity means testing how well systems can stay active without issues. After all, any great experience can suffer if a dropped connection ruins the ending to whatever you’re doing. In this way, competitive online slot tournaments well illustrate Wight’s reliable infrastructure.

For an example of this, consider the Yggdrasil Heating up Winter! slots prizes. With nine different games to play and a total prize pool of €80,000, any dropped connections here could render winnings invalid. Luckily enough for those of us in Wight, both home and outside connections remain some of the best in the UK, even if for some reason you decide to play while tucked away in the cold hills.

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This same idea applies to daily casino promotions, where different specials cycle every day, being offered year-round. From the cold of winter to the boiling heat of summer that makes you miss winter, consistency in these connections is always key. While it is true that a lot of the possibilities of these promotions like slots missions, win chases, and points tournaments depend on the casinos themselves, it’s an area’s infrastructure which makes these elements truly achievable.

Broadening Reach

It’s this infrastructure in Wight that continues to improve, even while other places in the UK fail. A big part of Wight’s progress in this regard ties into our firmly defined landscape. We’re an island, we get a lot of tourists, and because of these two factors, it’s quite simple to determine where our connections need to go.

Limited area means fulfilling all our cabled and wireless needs isn’t the challenge it is elsewhere, giving consistent overall implementation. Probably the best illustration of this comes from our 4G maps, where almost the entire island was covered as far back as 2016. In terms of slot games, this means that even the most demanding systems run without issue. In fact, with slot’s low demands, even the few areas relying on 3G coverage still operate without problems.

Next-Gen Potential

The next generation of connection technology comes in the form of fibre wired and 5G wireless. Both of these technologies can be difficult to implement when paired with larger distances, which puts Wight at a distinct advantage. 5G, while only seeing major rollout this year, doesn’t suffer from the limited range problems in Wight it does on the mainland. Fibre, far ahead, already reached 99% implementation years ago.

While these systems are overkill for slots at the moment, to the extent you could theoretically run hundreds of games from a single connection, they do show room for future growth. With the potential of AR and VR casinos just around the corner and the threat of greater bandwidth requirements than ever, newer systems will ensure Wight is prepared.

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Regardless of where and how you engage, living in Wight and playing games like slots is a great fit. It’s an easy thing to take for granted, so sometimes it’s best to take a step back and remember how great we have it. Just remember, if your steps back bring you outside, take a jacket with you.

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