nicholasbelfittlibdemsThe Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats have announced their European Spokesperson for the Isle of Wight Lib Dem INtogther campaign to keep Britain in the EU.

Nicholas Belfitt, a 23-year-old Islander who works part time at Dinosaur Isle, has been selected to be the spokesperson for the campaign on the Island. The Lib Dems hope that Nicholas will bring the vital voice of younger islanders whose opportunities and futures they believe could be put into doubt with Brexit. Nicholas was voted into the position during their Executive Meeting in March.

After being nominated Nicholas said:

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“It’s an honour to be selected, but the real fight begins now. So far, the European debate on the island has been led by politicians and businesses, but nobody has made a case for younger people who will be most affected by the result. I believe I can make that case.

“Unlike those who lead the Leave Campaign, I have experienced first hand some of the opportunities that EU provides to under 30s who want to be given a chance to be successful. At University I was able to study overseas through the EU funded ERAMUS programme which I would have never been able to do if we were outside the EU. When I was unemployed the European Social fund was there to help me find a job. But it’s more then that though for the public. Things like cheap flights, holiday homes in Spain, road sign standardisation, beach regulations that keep our beaches clean, being able to work in places like the ski resorts in South France which many young Brits do during the seasons, fishing regulation that keep our fish populations strong and the Working Time Directive which stops workers being exploited, are often forgotten by the Politicians but these are the ones individuals are most likely to lose.

“We have to fight for them all. INtogether is about being together staying in and fighting for individual opportunities. The Leave campaigns like to talk about empowering the state, but they never talk about the people, about the individuals and what Britexit will make them lose.”

The Liberal Democrats will be hosting two INtogether campaign events on Friday 8th in Newport St James Square and Saturday 9th in Ryde, weather permitting.  Details can be found on the Isle of Wight website

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