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A leading housebuilder has continued its pledge to support NHS and armed forces workers across Hampshire by extending its deposit contribution schemes.

Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes, which has the St George’s Gate development in Shide on the Isle of Wight, began the schemes this year offering a 5% deposit, up to the value of £15,000, towards a brand new home.

The NHS Deposit Contribution Scheme was set up on 23rd May 2020 as a way of thanking the country’s 1.5m NHS workers and to show their support for those people keeping the nation safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. During the same month, to mark 100 years since VE Day, Barratt and David Wilson Homes also set up the Armed Forces Incentive to match the NHS Scheme, which has seen Hampshire’s heroes save £77,081 on their dream home purchases.

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The NHS scheme has seen 83 NHS workers from across Hampshire, Dorset and the IOW benefit from the scheme already. Of that figure, 63 were first-time buyers and overall, those NHS workers purchasing a new Barratt or David Wilson home in the region have saved a combined total of £1,028,914.35.

Both schemes were due to come to an end in December however, the 5-star housebuilder has just announced that it will be extended for an extra 6 months – so eligible buyers now must complete their purchase before 18th June 2021.

Tammy Bishop, Sales Director at Barratt and David Wilson Homes’ Southampton division, said:

“Our brilliant NHS and armed forces are invaluable to this country and we wanted to do something to show our appreciation. Both schemes have already helped many of those most deserving and we want to make sure it can help many more.”

The NHS and Armed Forces incentives can also be used in conjunction with the government Help to Buy scheme, offering further support to those looking to purchase their first home. What’s more, thanks to the Chancellor’s announcement to scrap Stamp Duty on properties up to the value of £500,000 on sales that have legally completed before 31st March 2021, buyers can benefit even further.

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Barratt has been working hard throughout the coronavirus crisis to support the NHS. It donated £100,000 to NHS Charities Together and a further £50,000 to The Sun’s Who Cares Wins campaign, providing help for frontline NHS staff. It donated more than 5,000 medical-grade facemasks to hospitals across the country and gave its entire stock of 400 defibrillators to St John Ambulance in England and Wales and St Andrew’s First Aid in Scotland.

Barratt Homes has also signed up to the government and industry Charter for Safe Working Practice – Covid-19, which supports best practices being adopted across the industry.

For more information on the NHS Deposit Contribution Scheme, visit www.barratthomes.co.uk 

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Gentle-man farmer

them nhs qaks not
evan workin
desurvs oout

Them Apples

I concur with the village idiot, that doctors who have been avoiding their duty to care for people, as many have, deserve no ‘extra benefits’ as they are paid, and well to do their job, which they have not all been doing. All this hype praising the NHS is over blown. Many workers take far worse risks, yet get no ‘special treatment’ Many NHS staff have been no more at risk than usual, and have had an easier time of it, with less work load. Of course those ones keep quiet, as one would, and ONLY those who have had… Read more »


Well i wouldn’t buy a Barrett home even with the 5% deposit offered.
Only 5 year warranty from Barrett as well, instead of the 10 year national housebuilders warranty. No way.


Rewarding the higher payed people again who haven’t been out of work during this COVID situation.

no more houses.

A sly technique to get more houses sold and create an apparent demand, which will ensure they justify the next environmental desecration to build more and more benefit hutches, to continue the stuffing of their own pockets with cash.

Gentle-man farmer

swot i sayed innit
neads mor quaks not
mor ouses.


What about our veterans that served their country in Afghanistan, Iraq, Northern Ireland etc!!! Or police officers, prison officers, food shop workers, carers, teachers, postal workers, waste workers etc??? The NHS is over the top now, and sad to say, a little boring

Petite Pots

The NHS needs the money invested in new hospitals, new equipment and more staff to catch up with the rapidly growing unorganic numbers of people and our ageing population. Those already working for the NHS are lucky to have a secure job, and few deserve more money just because a handful in each hospital have experienced a little extra risk. They don’t give you a pay cut when risk is low, so why more when it is high? The risk can only be cut by better PE, NOT more cash. The NHS will need more cash for the backlog of… Read more »


MOST NHS staff have had a far easier time since CV. Any extra cash needs to go to fund catch up for all the poor people suffering other issues as doctors, consultants etc have been avoiding seeing as many as they could.

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