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It is a time of uncertainty where the future is unknown to everyone around us. Covid-19 has been doom for each one of us. The only option everyone is left with is to take recluse indoors. However, it is not an easy decision by any means at all.

The positive side is that most people are willing to compromise in the current situation. People are trying to explore activities that they can easily manage indoors. Some people are also glued to their laptops and busy exploring jackpotjoy.

However, the real test is for all those individuals who are more inclined to play in the open air. Athletic events have become history since this pandemic hit the world. Some sports people are frustrated due to this fact.

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There are also some individuals who are trying to learn a lesson from this situation. For example, Covid-19 has been able to give some key lessons to the following Olympic athletics.

The worthwhile lesson Covid-19 unveiled for Olympic athletes

Recently, Tokyo Olympics got postponed in March because the world was struck by the Corona wave. The sad part is that about 11, 000 athletes were supposed to compete in about 33 different games.

The event is now planned for July 2021. It will be conducted for two weeks and all the Covid-19 SOP’s will be followed. The postpone has been more of a mental trauma for the Athletes. The reason is that the sports events are a passion for these athletes. They feel that they lost a part of them in this battle against Covid-19.

Now, all these athletes feel that they will have a hard time continuing their training sessions at home.

Kelsey-Lee Barber is one of the athletes who plans to be a part of the Olympic event. She has the honor of being the Javelin world champion for women. However, the Covid-19 lockdowns did not kill her spirit and love for the game.

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She says that she has been practicing in garage for the game. The truth is where there is a will, there is a will. The essential aspect is that the will power to achieve needs to be strong. If the will power is there, then no goal can be impossible.

Farah Ann Abdul Hadi is also one of the famous Malaysian Gymnasts. She was initially upset when the Olympic games got cancelled. Later on, she realized that the delay was blessing in disguise for her. The reason is that she is getting a fair chance to recover from her injuries.

Annabelle Smith, an Australian diver was also supposed to participate in the Olympic games. Initially, the postpone of the event was devasting for her. The reason is that she has been working on her career for years together.

To make it big at the event was an opportunity of a lifetime for Annabelle. It is undoubtedly a tough time for everyone. The positive part is that it shall pass. We all need to live by this quote to continue moving forward during these testing times.

Let us hope that the new year brings in good news and we can get rid of this pandemic.

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