The online casino industry has witnessed many transformations due to technological advancements and most recently the 2020 pandemic that shifted more people online for entertainment than ever before. The use of cryptocurrency in casinos is just one of the new trends that are likely to transform the industry that is discussed below:

Cryptocurrencies to dominate

Cryptocurrencies are not new, but more online casinos are expected to embrace the currency since it offers anonymity as well as security around personal and financial information. Some of the best casino sites offer bonuses to those who use cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, traditional payments will remain an option for those who are a little hesitant about cryptocurrencies.

Access in areas of restricted gambling

Thanks to the anonymity offered by cryptocurrencies, since no personal information is linked to it, players from across the world can play online casino games where gambling is restricted and outlawed because their cryptocurrency account cannot be traced to them. There will be a growing demand for online casino sites that accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies, with online casinos actively offering promotions in these regions where the markets are ripe for expansion.

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Free to play customers converted to paying customers

Mobile devices are increasingly being used for gaming and online casinos have been quick to offer free-to-play games to new customers. Customers can upgrade a favourite game to access particular features or other products that can improve their gaming experience. Online casino operators are focused on leveraging free to play players to potential customers to boost revenue.

More live dealers

Online casinos that offer live dealers are winning many new customers. With customers able to enjoy gaming from the comfort of their own home, engaging with a live dealer with whom they can communicate has attracted people who may not have visited a casino before.  In the same way that brick-and-mortar casinos use dynamic and engaging dealers to tempt players to play for longer, the same charm and quick wit of a dealer have engaged players online.

Virtual reality gaming

Virtual Reality (VR) also offers a more immersive casino experience for those playing online. With VR accessories more easily available and demand expected to rise for VR gaming, it is predicted that online casinos will soon be ready to upgrade some of their most popular games to VR versions.

Upgraded slots to incorporate skill

The younger demographic is a highly competitive market in the online casino industry. Incorporating skill into slots is hoped to entice many of them to sign up to use the skills they have learned from gaming consoles they have grown up with. Continual upgrading of games for this market will keep gaming new and fresh for all ages.

Smartwatches enabled for online gaming

It is now possible to place bets via a smartwatch, tablet and other mobile devices. The smartwatch industry is forecast to be worth USD33 million in 2021, thanks to the convenient online accessibility it offers. Gaming is predicted to be part of this growth with gaming software developers focused on mobile devices, including consoles, developing new games that can be easily integrated across most devices.

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