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After a troublesome couple of years, it could be a fresh start for Bembridge Parish Council as new councillors are elected.

Infighting, resignations and arguments are just a few of the ups and downs the parish council has had — as well as an infamous incident with biscuits!

Heading into the May 2021 elections there were a handful of empty seats in the parish, after 2 councillors resigned over the approach taken to the Bembridge Village Hall roof project and others were supposedly kicked off for not attending meetings over the COVID pandemic.

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There were 12 seats available for the council — split into 2 wards (North and South) both with 6 seats but 17 candidates vying for them. 7, out of 8, councillors were standing for re-election in Bembridge along with former councillors Alasdair Steane and Liz White.

5 councillors have retained their seats (Jay Chapman, Richard Weaver, Marianne Sullivan, Sheila Weedall and Ray Widger) but Grant Stillman and Margaret Donolon have failed to get enough votes to make their return.

Cllr Liz White will return to the parish council, while Our Bembridge’s Alasdair Steane has missed out. Mr Steane also missed out on the Bembridge Isle of Wight Council seat yesterday to Conservative’s Joe Robertson.

North Ward (6 seats) – Turnout 45.96%

  • Jay Chapman – 294 (Elected)
  • Martin Groom – 335 (Elected)
  • Paul Kenny – 281 (Elected)
  • Rosamond Poncia – 336 (Elected)
  • Alasdair Steane, Our Bembridge – 232
  • Mike Tarrant – 235
  • Richard Weaver – 289 (Elected)
  • Liz White – 385 (Elected)

South Ward (6 seats) – Turnout 41.9%

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  • Harriet Brabazon – 407 (Elected)
  • Iain Delaney – 166
  • Margaret Donlon – 137
  • Josh Lake – 333 (Elected)
  • Liz Mitchell – 355 (Elected)
  • Grant Stillman – 186
  • Marianne Sullivan – 318 (Elected)
  • Sheila Weedall – 358 (Elected)
  • Ray Widger – 254 (Elected)

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1 year ago

The trouble sadly will not end, as those with old scores to settle will ensure that is so.

Too many councillors have personal issues with others, and agitators are equally as effective outside of the council, provided they have puppets within.

The Parish councillors should put the village and its people first and foremost and settle there differences outside of such. But will use the media, and council meetings to attempt to belittle one another and constantly criticising whatever is, or isn’t done.

Too many well to do people aren’t used to having to give and take, and so if something goes against them can never ‘let go’.

Elmer Keith
Elmer Keith
1 year ago

Should have the Bembridge sign “twinned” with Beirut.

I feel sorry for the staff who have to try to control stubborn Cllrs, as they just wish to run a pleasant village for all to enjoy.

That is what a Parish Council is all about, and I feel their workman have made the park wonderful for children with a myriad of play equipment and two lovely pitches for those older boys who love foot ball and cricket.

Lets hope that these councillors will all work together and agree to their healthy differences and do as we British always have done abide by majority decisions and the losers to then support and move forwards.

rodney burt
rodney burt
1 year ago

I remember Mark Woodnutt

Sparkling Ovens
Sparkling Ovens
1 year ago

Watch this space is all I can say atm.

Barney & Jo
Barney & Jo
1 year ago

I think they have had more clerks than councillors. Says it all really. One has to pity them as some councillors have deliberately made life hard due to not getting their own way in the past.

These individuals despite not being elected have installed suitable empty vessels to now carry on their crusade for them.

So unfortunately life in Bembridge will likely remain similar so far as the Parish Council is concerned.

A real shame as all their staff are always so helpful and a credit to the village, the men working in all weathers and doing a marvellous job.

1 year ago

Live here all my life, lovely village.

Let’s hope councillors all put the village and us first and foremost, not past squabbles now.

Just be grateful you are safe, CV is lessened and you live in a lovely place.


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