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A third person on the Isle of Wight has tested positive for coronavirus, it has been announced tonight (Tuesday).

The news comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces that whole families should self isolate for 2 weeks if anyone in the household shows symptoms of COVID-19.

The Island was hit hard by event cancellations and postponements today including Walk the Wight, IoW Randonnee and Sandown Sprint. Local supermarkets are being hit hard by panic buying with Tesco Ryde now closing overnight to help staff replenish stock.

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For the latest information on coronavirus here on the Isle of Wight visit

It has not been revealed who the 3 individuals are, where they live on the Island or where they have been. It is thought that 1 person has been transferred off the Island, reducing the number of cases locally from 3 to 2 for ‘administrative’ reasons.

As of 09:00 on 17th March 2020, 1,950 people have been confirmed as having coronavirus. 71 patients have died nationally to date, including a patient from Southampton General Hospital.

Symptoms of coronavirus

The symptoms of coronavirus are:

  • a high temperature
  • a cough
  • shortness of breath

The symptoms are similar to other illnesses that are much more common, such as cold and flu. Research shows it takes, on average, around 5 days for symptoms to start showing.

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If you are worried that you might have coronavirus

  • Stay indoors and avoid close contact with other people, especially older or vulnerable people
  • Call NHS 111 or use the online service – you will be asked questions and given advice
  • You should not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or St Mary’s Hospital without checking with NHS 111

How to avoid catching or spreading coronavirus

  • wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
  • always wash your hands when you get home or into work
  • use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • put used tissues in the bin straight away and wash your hands afterwards
  • try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell
  • do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean

The views/opinions expressed in these comments are solely those of the author and do not represent those of Island Echo. House rules on commenting must be followed at all times.
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Wow, a massive worry, for how many has this victim infected, and, how many of those infected, infected, and how many of the infected, infected, infected… You get the drift, a massive amount in likelihood.

So whilst three sounds great, it is NOT the magic number.

Stay safe and good luck all.


Just maybe nobody was infected, but it is quite possible the infection has been passed on, not most likely the fault of the person infected, do you really have to post such a comment under the present circumstances? The virus is amongst us and will be for some time, stating the obvious over and over again is giving the impression you are enjoying the situation and relish in spreading anxiety to the limit, have a little thought to those who are worried enough, if you a panicking then get some help for anxiety. Stop spreading fear amongst others, there is… Read more »


Kev whilst you like the thought of low risk, as likely worried for yourself or loved ones, it is wrong of you to only want to hear, positive thoughts. If only such were posted then YOU would risk people becoming to casual, to risk adverse and spreading this far far more than listening to those who can see the likely and real dangers. Of course if few are tested then few are allocated another number to frighten people, doesn’t mean that it is all fine and dandy though. Most are anxious and nervous if not for themselves but for friends… Read more »


Seay, Thankyou for your reply, However I do not want to listen to only positive thoughts, having said that I like to hear facts put in the correct way, we all have our thoughts, however in the current climate rational comment of fact is the best way to communicate our thoughts, we are all aware of the capability of this virus and how easily it can and will be spread along with the best measures to slow the process down. Let me put this another way, If we were on a sinking ship all the passengers and crew would be… Read more »


Very well said, Kev.

Dawn Wortley-Nott

I really don’t know what you are complaining about, Kev. We all know what Seay has put anyway. Or at least most of us do, but there are still people that are standing in groups talking etc, and they do need to be reminded how dangerous their actions are. In 1959 3,550 people died in England and Wales from the Asian Flu – I remember a girl in our class at school dying. We don’t want a repeat of that. So it has to be brought home to people.

Bob Frapples

You might have it and are infecting people

Stay at home

People who don’t travel anywhere would only be at risk if they have come into contact with people who do travel. Another case of some people who have done nothing to bring it on themselves being at risk from other people’s activities. The travelling to other places should all have been stopped as soon as this virus broke out in China. It is the bringing back of people into this country that has caused it to come here, and now people just being allowed to come to the IOW. Its risky enough just having to have a bus ride to… Read more »

Verity Bird

The first case lives in sheltered accommodation in Shanklin…

Shanklin Steve

It is such a big shame that no one feels the need to give any of us here on the Island just the basics of the poor people’s travel, if any and what area they live in, just to give us the heads up as it were!


There’s plenty more people on the Island with it..obviously! If there’s no comprehensive testing how can you tell how many have it.#ridiculous

David Nelson

Is this the person responsible for closing cowes medical centre and boots today?

Bob Taylor

There is a possibility that all the 1000’s of people on the mainland who will not be able to holiday abroad this year will decide to come to the island instead. Great for island businesses but potentially a death sentence for many more older island residents.


Lorraine Murton

My thoughts exactly Bob….

Sarah G

We had a holiday booked in shanklin for july, but have obviously cancelled. I’m doing what the government have said a plan to minimise contact with others. Quite scary for everyone, such a shame it couldn’t have been stopped from reaching you on the island.

Opinions Matter

Exactly Bob. Everyone should email Bob Seely, our island MP and voice their concerns regarding locking down the island ASAP. I have this morning. Obviously exceptions are: Food, Royal Mail Post, Courier parcels, Medicines etc, Fuel and Islanders having to attend hospital treatment in S’oton or Portsmouth. We cannot have holiday makers coming here and potentially bringing the virus with them. As I understand, Hotels are still trading? some have closed, there own decision to protect staff. What about second home owners, I’m hearing they are travelling here and staying in their ‘hoilday’ homes in Bembridge, Seaview, Cowes…..this travel in… Read more »

Kev Squibb

Absolutely pathetic sensationalist journalism!
1st case got better
2nd case still in hospital
3rd case confirmed
No they haven’t told us where they live!
Would you want your family listed on a web site and say where they lived.

#selfish panic buyers!

3 what a joke! the media are the ones making people panic. And obviously not disclosing the truth about how many have it on the IOW. As for the people panic buying is dam right selfish. Lots of people cannot afford to buy the whole of Tesco’s, which was extremely low on everything today. STOP PANIC BUYING AND THINK OF OTHERS! Even the shops have said not to panic buy!


Yes because viruses don’t actually appear until over a thousand people have it. It’s definitely not like it only takes one person to start a pandemic, no sir.

Bob Taylor

I was walking along a local seafront around 6.30 this evening and passing the windows of a hotel I saw that there were around 70-100 elderly people (high risk) sat at dining tables eating their evening meal. I thought yesterday the Prime Minister advised essential travel only and to keep away from restaurants and pubs? (i.e. crowds).
Similarly, whilst shopping in Ryde there were quite a few people in pubs there.
If people can’t comply with good advice from their Government we can expect enforcement within two weeks.


Dude the PM literally said he admires the mayor from Jaws for not closing the beaches. Don’t say the government is giving good advice xD


There should be enforcement now, You certainly can’t rely on the good sense or conscientiousness of many people, especially some of the ignorant types living on the Island, (many of whom, it has to be said, moved here from elsewhere on the mainland anyway. – The times I get asked by people: “Where are you from?” taking it for granted I must have relocated here from elsewhere in the country, and when i tell them I was born here, an actual Islander, they are quite shocked and usually say they’ve never met one before). It is terrifying for people living… Read more »

Bus user

Just heard they want to bring back loads of people from Spain. When will they learn? If people choose to go abroad because it suits them to do so, why should the rest of us who stay home have to be put at risk?

Opinions Matter

Totally agree Bus User. These people were told not to go on holiday, did they listen, NO. Bloody leave them out there until the virus has burnt itself out. Some people are so ignorant and arrogant they think the rules don’t apply to them. Now they start bleating and pleading to be bought back.


OMG. What rules, you idiot.


Oh, so Brits who have lived in Spain don’t have the right to come back to the UK. That’s a good one! Why are they necessarily at risk?? Actually no more than you, Bus user. Bigoted attitudes are no help in this situation. They have lived a different sort of life. Are you jealous,dear??


A lot of your points are valid, Worried,

Dawn Wortley-Nott

I have not read of any animal abuse causing the virus. A virus can change and start affecting people without abuse. I think we should be very sure of our facts before making accusations like that. You cannot believe everything you read, especially on line. There seems to be a China bashing trend and I for one don’t like it.

Sarah Ginters

Yes it bothers me that people keep blaming boris johnson for everything, people need to take responsibility for them selves, he has said to avoid crowded places, avoiding unnecessary socialising and travel, stop panic buying. If people chose to ignore this then they should take a good look at themselves. I would hate to live the rest of my life knowing I could be responsible for someone elses death due to ignorance and selfishness

Sonia Bolger

most people recover within 5-7 days. 92% in fact. it is a flu. you have it for 5 days, then you recover. Read the statistic. It is very unpleasant flu. What is even more unpleasant is hysteria around it. Total, utter, unimaginable, and idiotic mass hysteria

Bob Taylor

This is not ‘just flu’ Sonia – it is more contagious and we have no vaccine for older people (as we have for ordinary flu) so more are dying from it.
That’s why the news is telling us about the serious lack of hospital beds, lack of ventilating equipment and the NHS not being able to cope with the projected numbers of seriously ill (older) people.
I do agree about the mass hysteria though.

Pauline Dusgate

It is not just older people it is people of all ages, we have reason for concern when already large parties of holiday makers are arriving in coaches from the mainland , they are not self isolating. so could be spreading the infection, who wouldn’t be worried.

Pauline Dusgate

Yes went to Tesco’s today the shelves had been emptied by people who are suffering from mass hysteria. Let’s hope we don’t end up like Italy, they have cause for mass hysteria, we don’t at the moment.

Frank Whiteside

Why are coach loads of ‘vulnerable people’ still being brought to the IOW leisure centres. Surely this is totally against the current government advice or are these coach companies above the law. A number of Warner guests have been sent home with symptoms yet the hotel still operates!!!

Bob Taylor

I agree Frank – some people just don’t get that the government advice is designed to slow down the spread of the virus – I’ve been surprised that some of my friends and even family on the mainland have said – ‘I’m going to carry on as normal until it becomes law’ – i.e. continue going to the gym, socialising etc. This is a form of denial and I think the government knows there will be many people with this unfortunate attitude and so plan to make it ‘law’ within a week or two, because by then those in denial… Read more »

Janet Taplin

The tourismshould be stopped NOW before Easter. I have already seen some coaches and foreign cars. Lets lockdown the island and keep us safe. OK hoteliers will suffer but we all have a part to play until it is over. we should not be penalising the Islanders so others can have a holiday. We have had to cancel our holiday this year

Joe Blogs

They should tell us the general location of the person who has been confirmed as a victim so that others in that area can be extra vigilant for their own health.


All should be extra vigilant, people must get it in their head, the virus cannot be seen, if you cannot accept anyone has the potential to carry the virus you have a bigger problem than the need to know the ” general location “. The general location is everywhere including your own personal possessions and that includes your own body. Be sensible calm and please accept there is no such thing as a 100% safe location, each individual on the Island has the potential to carry and spread the virus. Knowing the location of the latest confirmed person will achieve… Read more »


Until the ferry companies allow passengers to stay in their vehicles, whilst crossing the Solent instead of all being grouped together , then the Island is far more vulnerable to this awful situation.. Red Funnel says that it is not possible to allow this as they carry dangerous cargo and that the vehicle decks are not an appropriate place for people to remain in their vehicles. It is also stated that Vehicle decks on ships are designed as cargo spaces and do not meet the required safety standards set out by regulations around fire protection and emergency escapes ..When was… Read more »

Sue Rogerson

Red funnel havent said that. They said they are working to hopefully be able to allow people to stay in their cars when they are not carrying dangerous substances. That was the last report I read. I am surprised that coaches are still coming to the island however the ‘request ‘ and advice by the government should stop them now. Red funnel have said they will keep running for passengers for the time being but it may be necessary to be freight only, this is how I understand it

Gareth Fletcher

Dangerous cargo. Yea people with possible coronavirus on board that’s what I call dangerous cargo


Sue Rogerson, Yes, Red Funnel have said that . I telephoned them , check out their updated information

Bob Taylor

This is a very challenging situation and it is difficult for everyone to always do the ‘right thing’ and not be selfish. Currently, the actions of the ferry companies and the hotels on the island are encouraging people to come to the island, people who may bring infection with them. So because these companies (who I do have sympathy with) are trying to squeeze in every last drop of cash before travel is actually ‘banned’ (and who can blame them) will also be contributing to the number of deaths that will occur here later. Let’s hope the (temporary) travel ban… Read more »


Or maybe it’s worth getting the peak of infection over with as quickly as possible so herd immunity is developed faster, meaning people at risk are less likely to even catch the virus, giving us the time to get those same people a vaccine for it.

Bob Taylor

Jehrb, I think the idea of getting it over with asap seems like a good one, but if vulnerable people get infected during this plan, (as they likely would) the NHS would be overwhelmed with hospital admissions, that’s why the Government is trying to slow it down and spread it out over time.

Janet Taplin

The tourism should be stopped NOW before Easter. I have already seen some coaches and foreign cars. Lets lockdown the island and keep us safe. OK hoteliers will suffer but we all have a part to play until it is over. we should not be penalising the Islanders so others can have a holiday. We have had to cancel our holiday this year


We had a lady in yesterday who was going into isolation because her son ( lives with her) & has it !.
But had to pop in & get a bit on non essential shopping first ! ??!

THANKS for the thought ! ! !
NOT ! ! ! ! !


Sorry,but what on earth are people panicking about, the percentage of people dying from this is tiny.If there had not been all this press hysteria and never mentioned it everything would have gone on as if nothing had happened.
So i am still going to the pub, just been up to Osborne house which was really busy and now dropping in for a cupper at
the Old Smithy.


Ron, being realistic and taking sensible precautions in the face of a potentially lethal disease is not ‘panicking’. Yours is a remarkably selfish, stupid and dangerous attitude!

Zoe Redley
Joe Soap

Latest headline: ‘WHO urges governments to do more as virus infects more than 184,000 people and has killed at least 7,500 worldwide’. And when I walked past a well known island hotel on the seafront this evening there were 70-80 OAPs (most over 70) sitting at their dining tables by the window, enjoying their ‘social’ evening meal together. I’m guessing they already paid for their stay on the island and didn’t want to miss out. Talk about selfish stupidity… This annoys me greatly because all the steps the Government is taking are to protect those very same people and it… Read more »

Pauline Dusgate

I do not understand when the Government have restricted travel and advised against it, that their were five holiday coaches from the mainland that had arrived at L A Bowl in Ryde these holiday makers embarked and were taken to their designated hotels on the Island, they were people who were in their seventies and above, do they not understand what self isolating means as this was Government advice. If this continues can we expect a pandemic on the on the Isle of Wight.?


Please Read:- So sad what is happening, I’m one of those vulnerable people who have no one to help me with general supplies you would normally get weekly. I’ve been worried sick as I’m a “”newbie”” so unsure of where or what to do. I’m housebound due to fairly recent disabilities, so I’m now I’m in a prison then I remembered one thing that I was told in June when I moved here, A Convenience Store which will be nameless due to their own safety said to me that they would deliver I telephoned yesterday and my prayers have been… Read more »

Joe Soap

Dear Denise,

Sorry to hear of your current problems. There is an organisation on the island called ‘People Matter’ who are there to help people in your situation. Their number is 01983 241494 or you can google them.


Three is the magic number


The same discussions come up everytime. The figures are irrelevant. We have been treating the same symptoms
in the NHS Isle of wight since november before a name was given as have Southampton general.
There are dozens of peoiple on the island with the virus . A lot have stayed at home and have not been tested so
the figure 3 is irrelevant.

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