A big shake-up of the Isle of Wight Council has seen new and familiar faces appointed to some of the most important roles in the authority.

Following the election of Councillor Lora Peacey-Wilcox as leader of the Council on Wednesday night, in a 2-horse race against the Conservative councillor Steve Hastings, the new leader has named her dream team to fill the council’s executive.

The cabinet, in the current model of the council, is responsible for some of the biggest decisions to affect and impact the Island — determining a budget, where the council’s investments go and education needs to name a few.

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With the Conservative administration forced to bow out as a result of the May election, new councillors, part of a new alliance, have filled the positions.

Speaking after her victory in the full council meeting, Cllr Peacey-Wilcox named Councillor Ian Stephens, a former leader of the council, as deputy leader, saying his immense knowledge of local government and council working was second to none.

Paying tribute to the last council’s money man, former Councillor Stuart Hutchinson, who was in charge of the budget and finding savings in an already stretched climate, Cllr Peacey-Wilcox said he was almost impossible to replace but she was extraordinarily fortunate to have Councillor Chris Jarman who fits the bill perfectly.

Other key positions of the cabinet go to:

  • Cllr Paul Fuller – Planning and Housing
  • Cllr Phil Jordan – Transport and Infrastructure
  • Cllr Julie Jones-Evans – Regeneration, Business Development and Tourism
  • Cllr Debbie Andre – Children’s Education, Services and Skills
  • Cllr Karl Love – Adult Social Care, Public Health and Housing
  • Cllr Jonathan Bacon – Environment, Heritage and Waste Management

Also filling crucial positions within the full council, and part of the new alliance, are Councillors Geoff Brodie and Claire Critchison who have taken the roles of chair and vice-chair.

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Filling positions as chair’s of council committees include:

  • Cllr Steve Hastings – Corporate Scrutiny
  • Cllr Andrew Garratt – Audit
  • Cllr Ian Dore – Appeals
  • Cllr Daryll Pitcher – Licensing
  • Cllr Michael Lilley – Planning
  • Cllr Richard Quigley – Policy and Scrutiny for Children’s Services
  • Cllr John Nicholson – Policy and Scrutiny for Health and Social Care
  • Cllr Karen Lucioni – Policy and Scrutiny for Neighbourhoods and Regeneration

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Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs
11 months ago

Hope they will now sort out the floating bridge once and for all.

Reply to  Joe Bloggs
11 months ago

Our Royal Navy could do with some practice.
They could Sink it once and for all, and save us all some money

Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box
Reply to  Lee
11 months ago

yes, but not exactly a moving target though is it !!!!

11 months ago

Who will be the islands only representative on Hampshire Fire Authority?


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