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Search and Rescue teams have been deployed to the West Wight this morning (Wednesday) in response to concerns for the whereabouts of a male from the Isle of Wight. 

Police and the Island’s volunteer search and rescue team, WightSAR, are currently conducting a land search in the Yarmouth area alongside The Needles Coastguard Rescue Team.

WightSAR were called out at just before midnight at the request of Hampshire Constabulary.

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Coastguard Rescue 175 helicopter from Lee-on-Solent has also been drafted in to conduct a search along the northern coastline towards Yarmouth. The helicopter was scrambled at around 01:30.

Yarmouth RNLI’s All Weather Lifeboat has also been launched.

Island Echo is told that clothing was found in the vicinity of Yarmouth Pier earlier on tonight. The pier has now been closed and the adjoining car park is being utilised as a rendezvous point.

UPDATE @ 06:30 – The search appears to have concluded with Yarmouth RNLI lifeboat returning to Harbour by 05:00 having conducted a shoreline search to both the East and West.

Hampshire Constabulary has been approached for a statement with an update expected later this morning.

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UPDATE @ 09:16 – Needles Coastguard Rescue Team have confirmed that they were called out alongside colleagues from Ventnor Coastguard Rescue Team.

During their initial search, separate clothing was located at Alum Bay which initiated a second incident. After searching in and around Alum Bay the search teams returned to the initial tasking by searching the shoreline from Yarmouth to Bouldnor at low tide.

The Coastguard teams were stood down at 08:20.

Lymington RNLI and Lymington Coastguard Rescue Team were also involved in the search on the mainland side of the Solent.

UPDATE @ 15:00 – Police have now issued an appeal to locate missing Matthew Doyle – more details on this can be found here.

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Oh dear another sad situation so soon, how terrible. Thoughts with the family and the amazing personel involved in the search


What do you mean?do you know something we dont

Brian Moron

Isn’t lockdown great? Since this all happened my mental state has been a lot calmer knowing that I do not have to face people in the street and I can stay indoors all the time!
I am sure that everyone else feels the same!


No not at all….. Isolation for some can induce extreme anxiety…. And an overwhelming feeling of panic which can be terrifying…. Fight or flight!!!!!


My anxiety and depression has been hit badly. I am not a outgoing person but being confined is really making me struggle some days. Well most. Just lucky I have my little family and partner looking out for me. Some dont and it’s sad the situations they end up in.


Not everynones mental state is the same. I do hope ur comment was written with sarcasm


Obviously you did not read my comment… I SAID FOR SOME…..

isla wight

Could someone please tell me why a person with suicidal thoughts leaves their clothes behind? Not looking for a keyboard fight, just want to understand the thought process. T.i.a.

Ed Down

My answer to that has always been, I’m dead so why should I care. I’m never going to know

Ed Down

Wow mark me down for giving an experienced answer, sorry if you dont like the truth


What’s wrong with you? If u havent got anything decent to say dont bother pal. But dont start writing that crap on here


Maybe they are telling the world that they have gone.


Possibly to signfy what they have done ,

Dave david

People do strange things when they are in that state of mind its really sad, what makes sense at the time for them might not for someone outside there mindstate.
I wish there was more help for people here


Mental health comes to mind, it’s a condition that affects more people than we realise, since CV it’s exploded, money worries along with relationships are under a massive strain.

I hope this isn’t number 3 that’s ended in total sadness this month.

Ed Down

I don’t understand the mark down system on here. Clare made a perfectly reasonable point. This is why people with issues don’t come forward and seek help because of negativity like this.


Well I really hope they find this man safe and well. Depression is not good for any one. But I just hope and pray to God he is safe bless. Thinking of his friends and family

John Dumper

I had a number 2 once!


I agree mate
That’s what I find strange. Plus where his bike was found way away


Where was his bike found?

josie green

let’s hope you or you’re family are never in this position & not getting the help they needed

Martin (Ryde)

@Mary You really don’t get it do you..? Suicide (if that what this is) is a very complex problem. Most people feel they are a burden, that they are worthless and feel that their families (if they have any) would be better off without them. When someone is in crisis the last thing they will be doing is thinking logically. Geeez!


What a grown up comment that is!!!!!!! Let’s hope your never in that position!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Any update on the missing man yet xx

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