2. Richard Golding With Tree Vase
Richard Golding


1. Iowmog - Iyog - Richard Golding - Morning GloryGlassmaking will be celebrated at a special event at the Isle of Wight Museum of Glass on Saturday 28th May, as the museum hosts ‘A Lifetime in Glass: The Story of Okra and Station Glass’.

At the event, the museum will welcome internationally renowned master glassmaker Richard Golding, who will be visiting the Island to give an audio-visual presentation and glassmaking demonstration in collaboration with Timothy Harris, of Isle of Wight Studio Glass.

The demo will be hosted at the studio of Timothy Harris, of Isle of Wight Studio Glass. Guests will be treated to an audio-visual presentation by Richard Golding in the museum’s Art Deco gallery, followed by a private viewing of selected artworks, a guided tour by the Director, and the opportunity to engage directly with the experts, on 1-to-1.

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Richard and Timothy met in 1979 when they enrolled for a brand-new course at the International Glass Centre in Brierley Hill. Joining local industry apprentices in a programme designed, in part, by Timothy’s father, Michael Harris, the two craftsmen have since trodden their own creative paths but have occasionally worked together in each other’s studios to collaborate on a special piece.

Museum Director Anton Doroszenko says:

“Richard’s work is avidly collected worldwide, and Timothy is one of the Island’s renowned glass artists. Lifelong friends, they are looking forward to joining forces once again to celebrate their art.”

Museum Development Manager Sue Beeby has said:

“Richard and Timothy will thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie of working together on the day. Plus, guests will have the opportunity to invest in a unique piece of glass art from the artists’ current collections.”

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The Isle of Wight Museum of Glass, at the island’s premier craft location of Arreton Barns, celebrates the design and craftsmanship of glassmakers based on the island, as well as those in some way connected to the island, past and present. There are over 1200 pieces on show in 2 galleries. The museum is also celebrating the International Year of Glass with additional special exhibits throughout 2022.

Tickets are £15.00 and are on sale in the museum office, or online at www.isleofwightglassmuseum.org.uk/events. For ticket holders who can’t attend in person, the events will be live streamed via Zoom.

Coffee and pastries will be served from 10;30, and the event itself will start at 11:00.

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