A Freshwater man who threw a plant pot through a neighbours car window after a noise complaint was made against him has been jailed.

Tomas Daniel Bateman, 31, of The Square, Freshwater, admitted causing criminal damage to a car belonging to a neighbour, whom he blamed for a noise complaint, which saw Environmental Health officers seize his sound system and television.

Magistrates were told how Bateman had consumed 3 bottles of rum and was ‘high’ on butane gas at the time of the incident, which also saw him chuck a glass bottle into the neighbours garden.

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The neighbour, in a statement, told how he and his wife had been trying to cope with the behaviour exhibited by Bateman – including the playing of loud music during the day and at night.

Despite his parents paying for a drugs and alcohol rehabilitation course – which delayed an existing sentence from a previous conviction last August – Oscar Vincent, for Bateman, told the court how after losing his belongings to Environmental Health Officers, he relapsed.

As well as having his 3 months suspended sentence for arson, cannabis cultivation and common assault activated, Bateman was also ordered to pay £60 in compensation to his neighbour, a £40 fine, £85 in costs, and a £34 victim surcharge.

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Coe Pee
Coe Pee
12 days ago

An insult to those who have to live near such low life.

A basic caravan park should be built on now filled areas of Lynbottom tip for such dregs to then annoy other equally vile.

12 days ago

Utterly shameful.
Such ‘People’ destroy the peace and tranquility of a whole neighbourhood. These pifflingly light sentences show how out of touch the justice system is with the general public, who have to share the vicinity with them.

M c hammer
M c hammer
Reply to  isleofwighter
12 days ago

To be fair,he did get 3 months,3 months longer than a peado,3 months at hmp Winchester is no picnic, hope he learns his lesson and sorts his nut out,

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