ventnorcarfireVIDEO EXCLUSIVE: A mother and her young daughter had a lucky escape yesterday (Sunday) after their family car caught fire just minutes after leaving their home in Upper Ventnor.

Mum-of-two Ali Starling has been left shaken by the incident, which saw her much-loved Vauxhall Zafira catch fire within minutes of starting the engine, ending with the car being totally gutted by the blaze.

ventnorcarfire3Firefighters from Ventnor Fire Station were called at around 13:00 yesterday afternoon to Chestnut Close, off of St Margaret’s Glade, when the alarm was raised of a vehicle well alight. Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident to the credit of Mrs Starling’s quick thinking to pluck her two-year-old daughter from the back of the car and get to safety after sensing a strong burning smell coming from the front of the vehicle.

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Neighbours rushed out into the street as thick black plumes of smoke rose above the houses, leaving the Starlings and their friends to watch on in disbelief as the 2006 model people carrier was destroyed in front of their eyes – without any indication as to why.

This shocking photograph shows the damage sustained inside the vehicle and sends out a stark reminder on how quickly tragedy can strike. In the event of a vehicle fire, motorists should vacate the vehicle, remain at a safe distance and phone the Fire Service on 999.


Ali and her husband Lee are still coming to terms with what has happened and why their well-kept, modern car caught fire just yards from their family home, but would like to thank Ventnor’s retained firefighters for their efforts and to friends and neighbours who assisted them in their hour of need.

Watch a video below of the moment firefighters begin to tackle the inferno, which had already taken a strong hold.

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