Accessing Isle of Wight news is now easier than ever before thanks to a collaboration between Island Echo and Solent Create, with the latest headlines available on all Alexa-enabled devices from today (Tuesday).

Islanders can now simply ask their Alexa powered device – such as an Amazon Echo – for a ‘flash briefing’, and summaries of the latest top 3 stories from Island Echo will be read out seamlessly by the smart assistant.

Stories included in the service will be marked with ‘Featured on Alexa’.

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Amazon Echo devices are wireless speakers – but they’re much more powerful than that. Using nothing but voice, users can search the Web, create to-do and shopping lists, shop online, get instant weather reports or control popular smart-home products. 40% of UK households are expected to own a smart assistant in 2018.

To enable the Island Echo skill, simply say ‘Alexa, enable Isle of Wight news’. Alternatively, you can click here, log in with your account and hit ‘enable’.

Aston McLinden of Solent Create has said:

“The ‘skill’ we developed helps Island Echo to stand out against its competitors on the Island, by providing this unique and modern service that is also used by other mainstream news websites such as the BBC and Associated Press.

“Through our WordPress plugin, the skill seamlessly integrates with the Island Echo’s current website to create a new method of delivering content to target audiences”.

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The explosion in smart assistant devices in households up and down the country is a lucrative opportunity for businesses hoping to access new customers in a changing marketing landscape – for example, millennials spend 79% of their waking time inside their home.

Along with reading flash news briefings from Island Echo, the smart assistant can also control your smart home appliances, such as lightbulbs, speakers, kettles and air conditioning units.

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To see what Solent Create can do for your business visit

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