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Motorists and residents alike face up to another 4 years of resurfacing disruption despite the Island Roads Core Investment Period coming to an end in just 12 months’ time.

Up until now Islanders have been led to believe that virtually all roads on the Isle of Wight would be resurfaced during a period known as the Core Investment Period (CIP), with a further 18 years of maintenance and repair work to the upgraded network.

A typical CIP runs for 5 years but it was agreed at the start of the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contract between Island Roads and the Isle of Wight Council to extend that to 7 years, to run from April 2013 to April 2020.

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Now, with less than 12 months left of the CIP, it has been revealed that a number of roads that are yet to be resurfaced as part of the PFI contract may not be completed for another 4 years – 10 years after the resurfacing programme began.

Roads such as Daniel Street, Circular Road and North Walk in Ryde are not set to be resurfaced by Island Roads until 2023/24. The list of roads yet to be resurfaced it thought to be fairly long, but an online map which shows the programme of works for the coming years was removed at the start of Island Echo‘s investigations and has not returned to the Island Roads website.

The ‘work in your area’ section is currently being updated, Island Echo is told.

A statement issued by Island Roads in August 2013 reads:

“This programme by Island Roads is the most intense schedule of works yet to be undertaken through the Highways PFI under which virtually the entire road network will be improved over the next seven years in what is called the project’s Core Investment Period (CIP)”.

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As recently as last year, a senior Isle of Wight Councillor is known to have been telling members of the public that every road would be resurfaced in the first 7 years.

Cllr Stuart Hutchinson said in a report to Shalfleet and Yarmouth Parish Council in 2018:

“Our Highways network continues to improve and by the end of the core investment period, which has another two years to run, every Island Road and pavement will have been brought up to a high standard. It then will be maintained at that standard for the next 20 years”.

The resurfacing of footways (pavements) across the Island has progressed, but seems unlikely to be completed by the end of the CIP. In contrast, the replacement of street lighting was completed sometime ago and the replacement of traffic lights is progressing well.

A spokesperson for Island Roads has told Island Echo:

“The Highway Improvement Programme is a long-term, 25-year-contract to improve and maintain the Island’s highway network.

“While the most intensive period of improvement work is in the first seven years (what is known as the Core Investment Period, or CIP), there is an ongoing requirement to keep roads and footways up to the standards required by the contract until 2038.

“To do this, it will be necessary to treat roads and footways throughout the life of the contract. The level of improvement work will not be as intense as during the CIP but it will nevertheless be significant. Therefore, if a road is not scheduled for treatment during the CIP, it does not mean it will not be improved in subsequent years.

“It also needs to be remembered that the upgrading of the highway network extends beyond just resurfacing. It covers all of the highway assets, including the replacement of the entire street lighting with energy efficient LED street lights, upgrading of all signs, bollards, shelters, litter bins, traffic lights, retaining walls, bridges and CCTV cameras. The total capital investment so far has exceeded £125m so far and these improvements will continue beyond the CIP”.

It is thought additional changes to the PFI contract will come into force in April next year, just as the CIP ends. In a report published by the Isle of Wight Council, it has been said:

“A savings programme has been established and agreed with Island Roads (IR) and reports made to a dedicated savings board. The programme aims to deliver savings in two phases – phase one will target operations and maintenance works (O&M) commencing April 2019 with further efficiency savings to be identified by IR from April 2020“.

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Half the roads that have been done are already falling apart. It’s a joke.


When on earth is the east cowes to Newport road ever going to get resurfaced


When Pigs fly, I reckon.

Geoff Brodie

I have been sceptical about delivery on the 7 year period for the last 2 years, but have had nothing but reassurances from the IW Council Cabinet member Cllr Ian Ward. I look forward to his apology if your story proves to be correct


They’ll be at it for another 10 years. Some of the roads that have already been resurfaced are breaking up. Blind leading the blind.

Steve evans

Repairing every thing they hAve already done


Well it would be good if they did there job properly 1 example brading the road from the wheatsheath pub to the traffic lights at the cross roads os terrible it’s been done but not to a good standard there are holes dips cracking everywhere along it . Also Alexandra road in ryde is really badly done huge holes and dips up by the church. I hope we don’t have to pay for it a second time


Seaview is supposed to be one of the up-market villages on the Island but most of the roads are no better than goat tracks! One of the worst is the road down from Nettlestone plus Ryde Road in both direction, not to mention the suspension busting road along the Duver!


If they didn’t keep going over same roads and did the main roads first it would be better all round let’s get back to having iow company doing the work not euro company bleeding the island dry


Personally think they have done a great job over the past 6 years, the island has been neglected for 25 years or so prior. What they have done has brought the standard up so high, yes there are some roads that have failed. But that is due to the ever changing ground conditions. The works on the ground do a great job, have met some personally and they are local people with a big company backing them. The road workers don’t make decisions on what’s done, it’s in the head offices, the Isle of Wight council who decide what’s what.… Read more »

Fred black

They put a temporary surface down in park road 3 weeks ago and last week they then dug it up, and who’s fault is it that they are in the hole not just he staff of the cctv control room . Island roads need to be bought to task

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