The Isle of Wight Distillery, producers of Mermaid Gin, have announced today (Monday) that it has received B Corp certification from non-profit organisation B Lab.

The distillery is the first business on the Isle of Wight to achieve B Corp status and earned an overall score of 88.6, ranking it the highest-scoring gin distillery in England to date.

The home of Mermaid Gin is the 27th distillery in the world and the 13th distillery in the UK to achieve B Corp status.

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Xavier Baker, co-founder, Mermaid Gin, has said:

“Since our inception in 2014, the team at the Isle of Wight Distillery have been committed to the environmentally friendly production of spirits and the preservation of our island and marine environment,”

“We want to use our brand as a force for good within the local community and are delighted to join a community of B Corp businesses that have been recognised for their commitment to operate in a way that has a positive impact on the planet”.

The company’s B Corp certification comes 3 years after the distillery relaunched Mermaid Gin in a strikingly sculpted, plastic-free and fully recyclable bottle. The distillery is now in the process of setting its near-term science-based targets, to eliminate and reduce its emissions.

One of the key efforts recognised as part of the scoring and certification is the dedication of the distillery to reduce its impact on the environment by minimising waste and preserving resources. The Isle of Wight Distillery has engaged in a number of local and global initiatives that reinforce its commitment to sustainability including:

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As well as putting environmental sustainability at the core of its operation, the distillery has a strong focus on the community. The majority of employees live locally and it uses local suppliers where possible.

Xavier adds:

“Our mission when we founded Mermaid Gin and Vodka was not only to create great quality spirits but also install responsible practices in everything we do. We are a small team, the majority of whom live and work on the island and I am so proud of what we have all achieved.  To be considered as a company that holds some of the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability in the world of business, is a great honour.

“Not only are we passionate about making people’s lives better and considering the well-being of our planet, we are proud of our Isle of Wight heritage and hope this achievement will give other local businesses the inspiration to become B Corp companies as well.”

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Helen Highwater
Helen Highwater
1 year ago

Here’s a good money-making wheeze (or “growth” as MisTrust would call it):
Get a load of suckers to pay us a fee to allow them to stick our name on their stationery. That’s all.

Emma Chandler
Emma Chandler
1 year ago

Well done xav and team xx

Miss Sensible
Miss Sensible
1 year ago

Lovely mermaid gin ….
And don’t forget they made hand sanitiser, when there was a shortage, absolutely fantastic …
I went through gallons of it (hand sanitiser).
Oh and a bit of Gin …
Well done to you all for an island project….
Ooh still need to try citrus gin !


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