Research conducted by Island Cottage Holidays reveals the top islands to visit in Britain for 2021, with the Isle of Wight crowned the ‘most Instagrammable’ British island.

During 2020, many sought to discover the UK’s hidden gems away from typical tourist hotspots, in order to enjoy a break free from the crowds in a COVID-secure way. Some of the most off-the-beaten-track destinations are the UK’s myriad islands, where a short boat trip is rewarded with gorgeous scenery, an abundance of nature and a true sense of serenity.

With more than 76 islands dotted around the Great British coastline, Island Cottage Holidays decided to analyse a number of aspects to find out which island came out on top in a variety of categories, including most Instagrammable, best-rated by the public, least crowded, best for beaches, best for foodies and best overall.

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The Isle of Wight has been crowned the most Instagrammable of the islands, with almost 900,000 images in total.

Also featured in the top 10 most Instagrammable islands in Britain are:

1. Isle of Wight (893,551)
2. Isle of Skye (701,034)
3. Shetland (572,454)
4. Isle of Man (503,464)
5. Guernsey (410,731)
6. Anglesey (379,341)
7. Orkney (201,286)
8. Isle of Mull (101,693)
9. Isle of Arran (98,219
10. Hayling Island (80,283)

While the Isle of Wight didn’t make it into the best islands overall, it certainly was the most picturesque of the islands to visit.
10. Bryher, Isles of Scilly

Shannon Keary, Digital PR Manager for Island Cottage Holidays, says:

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“Whilst the British Isles has so many amazing places to explore on the mainland, the islands offer a fantastic opportunity to escape from the mainland and experience something a little different without travelling far from home. From magnificent views and crystal waters to warmer microclimates and wildlife-rich beauty spots we wanted to celebrate these small, yet mighty islands!

“2020 has certainly given us an appreciation of the incredible destinations right on our doorstep, and we hope that this research will encourage people to look to the British isles for their 2021 holiday inspiration!”

For a full breakdown of the data gathered, including the best islands for beaches and for foodies, head to the Island Cottage Holidays blog at

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Lady Dunstanding
Lady Dunstanding
3 months ago

Dear Lord! There was enough of them last year. I weep. Still they tell us it’s better when they are here. Why is it so pony and trap, then, where they really live that they have to bother us every season?

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