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A single train service is in operation between Ryde Pier Head and Shanklin today (Wednesday).

1 of just 2 trains operating on the network has developed a fault. As a result, only 1 train per hour will be able to run in either direction.

The trains that are running will leave Shanklin at xx:18 and Ryde Pier Head at xx:49.

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It is hoped that the second train will be able to return to service this afternoon with disruption expected until 15:00.

South Western Railway say they are sorry for any delay that this may cause to your journey.

The disruption comes just days after it was confirmed that the new Island Line trains have been delayed, with the first one not arriving on the Island until September.

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Martin W

Tar-mac it, use electric buses, job done.


Why are South Western Railway apologising?
One train running is a vast improvement on normal routine isn’t it???
I’ll stick to my 3litre diesel 4×4 thanks. Far more economical.

Don't tell him pike.

With you there .stick with my Defender.


If youre not in a terrible hurry, its rather quaint! Or would you rather have German conditions where everybody starts to complain if a train is one minute late? Makes you feel like you`re in a sterile science fiction film.


What a surprise, I wonder sometimes if they actually make any money

Dan W

Island line makes virtually nothing it’s heavily subsidised. It was only just saved from Beachings cuts.


It’s a private company and should run it’s own affairs, if any business fails to make a profit then shut up shop.

Even state owned British Rail lost money back in the day, but why? Is the railway industry’s time up? because I don’t remember a time when it actually made a profit, and if they did the unions stopped that with their greedy pay demands.

The tax payers can keep piling money into it, but it will never improve anything. It’s a very expensive form of transport and always will be,


Yes we’ve seen recently how private company’s run there own affairs, look at Richard Branson airline, he must be living hand to mouth now the government won’t bail him out. Alright whilst making mega bucks but then come to you the tax payer when times are hard! Well use some of your mega millions stored away for a sunny day to keep you afloat!


Can’t remember last time they were on strike you stupid woman


The Island line has got alot of potential if promoted properly like it was in the joint Stagecoach days with a bus to train ticket. Also you could book a ticket to any station on the island from the mainland which you can’t do at present. Given the age of the current rolling stock and no third train as back up your always going to have this situation. Onece the new stock is up and running and bedded in then things should change for the better.


Your as far from the truth as can be, your visitor numbers are going to drop off the scale, a few commuters will not keep Island line up and running.

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