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Photo: Justin Kingston

justinkingstonthunderlightningA night of thundery showers across the Island is just the start of what is set to be a week of prolonged heavy rain for the Isle of Wight.

Yesterday evening (Sunday) saw a series of lightning strikes across the East Wight, including a positive strike in the Lake area prompting fears a house and nearby train station had been struck.

Firefighters from Shanklin were called to Araluen Way area at around 18:15 after lightning struck the ground, with some confusion as to whether or not an Island Line train had been hit. Thankfully, no property had been affected by the electrical storm, which echoed throughout the entire east coast of the Island.

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floodingheavyraincarsFrom 21:00 tonight heavy rain is set to sweep across from the West and continue overnight and well into Tuesday. The rain will continue to fall throughout Tuesday, with more wet weather due for Wednesday before the heavy downpours ease up at around lunchtime.

Although there is no weather warning in place from the Met Office, already saturated ground could lead to surface water and flooding developing quickly. Motorists are warned about the potential torrential driving conditions.

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Photograph thanks to Justin Kingston

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