An Isle of Wight author, who specialises in writing books for children and young adults, has come up with an unusual fundraising project which is set to aid a well-known nature charity.

Kathryn Rossati is the mastermind behind #52weeksofnaturepoetry – a challenge she has set for herself which involved writing a poem about nature each week for an entire year.

The charity she has chosen to raise money for is nature charity RSPB, which works to protect and conserve the UK’s wildlife, along with providing information on how to re-wild gardens and create wildlife habitats, among other educational tools.

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On her Just Giving page, where people can donate to the project, Kathryn said:

“As an autistic person, I’m often overwhelmed by daily life, and the only place where I truly feel I can relax and be myself is in nature – away from traffic and the scream of sirens, away from societal stresses and expectations, where I can connect with other forms of life and simply sit and be fascinated, without feeling judged.”

“For anyone who has ever stopped to watch a bird dart overhead, or has seen wild rabbits at play, or stood under the branches of an oak while soaking up the scent of the earth after it’s been raining — I imagine you know that feeling of utter peace that rarely greets you otherwise. So, it’s only natural that I want to protect, and indeed, see flourish, the UK’s wildlife.”

Kathryn says that as she struggled to work with other people due to her autism, the more traditional forms of helping out such as volunteering were not an option for her.

She added:

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“Writing is my passion, and when I realised that I could use it to help protect what I love most dearly, I knew I had to do it. Thus #52weeksofnaturepoetry was born.”

Kathryn started the project in November 2020, and it will run until November 2021. The weekly poems are uploaded to her blog, Treeshallow Musings, for readers to enjoy at their leisure. Along with fundraising, she also hopes the project will inspire others to take joy in nature and investigate ways to create more wildlife-friendly environments.

You can read more about Kathryn’s project at Alternatively, you can visit her website at

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