Games of chance are about as old as our civilization. People were always attracted to the possibility of winning a prize purely based on luck. One of the most popular games in recent history is Bingo.

Considered a social game, Bingo was the staple of many communities who got together once a week to see who would be the lucky winner.


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The proliferation of online gaming has led many to wonder whether Bingo has a future in modern society?

As it turns out, Bingo is HOTTER than ever!

Bingo – a Game with a Ton of Variations

Bingo is one of those games that started out simple, only for fans to develop all kinds of variations. If you’re not familiar with how it works, here’s a brief rundown:

  • Players who want to participate in the game buy tickets
  • Each ticket has a bunch of numbers on it spread out in a 5×5 grid pattern
  • Numbers on the ticket are random and usually go from 1 to 75 in most types of this game
  • Numbers are drawn by picking balls from a drum. If the drawn number is found on your ticket, you stamp it or tick it off.
  • The objective of the gameis to connect enough numbers to fill an entire row, column, diagonal, or the entire ticket itself

The first appearance of Bingo throughout history is found in 1500s Italy where people played a game called “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”. This old and obscure game of chance is often credited as the origin of Bingo.

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Over time, other much more modern types of this popular pastime started appearing all over the world. There are currently dozens if not hundreds of Bingo games and variations being enjoyed by players worldwide.

The Future of Bingo

Despite its popularity, Bingo has found itself in hot water recently. The rise of iGaming industry has put a dent in social games of chance. No longer do you have to leave the comfort of your own home to play games of chance. It’s all available by clicking a few buttons on your phone or computer.

The convenience of iGaming isn’t the only reason why games such as Bingo might be in trouble. Namely, online slots, live table games, and other types of content are so diverse and attractive these days. When compared directly, the numbered balls game might come across as bland.

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All that being said:

This centuries-old game still remains incredibly popular. Most people think of old folks and nursing homes in reference to it. This is something we can thank Hollywood for. The reality is…

that a whole generation of youngsters is finding Bingo fun!

The halls in the United Kingdom are full of young adults who are finding the social aspects of this game refreshing.

In a world where everyone is constantly glued to a screen, hanging out with friends, and having fun in a social setting is becoming more and more attractive.

Taking the Whole Experience Online

This subtle growth trend is apparent in the online niche as well. Just like almost every other game of chance, Bingo has its digital, online niche. In fact, there are numerous types of this game online. The popularity has been on the rise as well.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has released a report that shows an increase in total revenue from Bingo in the United Kingdom for the period of April 2018 to Mar 2019. Namely, this governing body has noted a 12.5% increase which brings all the game’s revenue to 198 million GBP.

Despite the resurgence of traditional Bingo, it appears that this game’s virtual version is the future. Or at least that’s what the current trends are showing. It’s worth keeping mind that bingo has just leveled off in terms of popularity. There’s still a good chance that the traditional version of the game, along with massive bingo halls could take the lead. However, even if the online segment becomes dominant, that doesn’t mean that fans of the social aspect are at a complete loss.

For one, chances are that most land-based halls will remain open across the world for a long time to come. Additionally, some online bingo games allow you to play with friends as well.

Can Bingo Keep Up with the Rest of iGaming

The death of bingo has been prophesized for decades. Yet, the game is still here. The truth of the matter is that it will never go out of style. It’s a game that attracts a specific type of person. Players will hardly find the same qualities elsewhere. This community may be smaller compared to fans of slot games, poker, and other iGaming content, but it is consistent.

Despite being a game where chance is the only real factor, die-hard bingo fans have developed their own terminology, various strategies, and more. It’s obvious that there are players out there who see much more in this game than just random numbers drawn from a drum. That type of dedication to the game is why bingo isn’t going anywhere.

Those who want to try out this centuries-old game will always have a place and company to do it with. The new generation of bingo players is already out there checking off numbers on tickets, just like generations that came before them.

All of this has prompted various software providers to look into developing more engaging online bingo software. Some of the providers have figured out various ways of bridging the gap left by the lack of the social component of the game. So far these custom strategies are working as online bingo is definitely on the rise in certain regulated markets around the world.

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