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An online Christmas market will be hosted through Facebook live, titled ‘IOW Christmas Market in Support of IOW Foodbank’.

The market will go live from 9:00 on 28th November to 11:00 on 2nd December.

There will be over 20 stalls from small and local island businesses. There will also be a raffle which will be drawn on the last night – there are over 20 prizes which have all been donated. Raffle tickets can be purchased through

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The event can be found at

All businesses taking part will be donating a percentage of their profits to the Isle of Wight Foodbank and all revenue from the raffle ticket sales will also be going to the Foodbank as well.


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Since mass im migration, we no longer need to have aid for the impoverished Overseas, as they are all here now, breeding us into their poverty and claiming the ‘aid’ direct from source.

Give to the animal charities instead imo. as our taxes already keep the former, but each to his own.


what – hand over my hard earned cash to animal charities that pay their executives exorbitant salaries out of the donations – i think not.

Ally Stair

freedom, you could always buy a few nuts to put out in the garden, or county-side, or feed wildlife yourself with a variety of available food to ease your angst at those at the top skimming off more than they deserve. Direct feeding is good as it keeps it local. Yet don’t forget the supermarket top dog, will be making millions from their customers. So in your case, best grow your own seeds on your own plot to feed wildlife. Yet then again the mortgage lender will be making millions from all the land and homes under their control. Best… Read more »


you miss the point ally stair – I am all for businesses making profits and employees, including the top dog getting as much as possible, however, I do not agree with anyone being paid to work for a charity. charity is meant to be voluntary and that includes all those working for it. Those running these charities should be doing it out of the kindness of their hearts for free, as do those on the ground level. i will not donate one penny to any charity, ever, when I see someone pocketing the donation as wages, then possibly spending it… Read more »

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