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Gaming simulators imitate the original features found on real gambling sites such as, but make it impossible to wager real money. Those gambling in the demo online casino games often do commercial betting. The synergy of gaming and imitation along with a surge in ad campaigns resulted in boosted exposure to gaming.

The imitation

Imitated gaming may look like real gambling when it gets to the appearance, no deposit bonuses, action, and sound. However, no real money is at stake, thus there are no real wins or losses. The top liked imitation gambling games include the majority of games played in an online casino. Some not gambling-themed games include elements associated with real gambling. Simulated gaming is available on numerous platforms, from social networks to mobile phones and tablets, consoles, sites, and even interactive TV sessions. It is assumed that more skilled or involved gamers prefer desktops for their activity. Most of the revenue is generated on PCs and laptops. However, the growing availability of simulators through mobile devices encourages the further integration of real gambling or similar pastime into everyday life.

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Player mindset

Players of interactive games use different motives than actual gamblers. The social part of these games appeals to interactive players and encourages them to communicate with each other through regularly expanding community features. For example, players can communicate either through chat or by sending gifts. Players are attracted to these apps because of these features, but also because of their genuine love for games.

Desired loot

Interactive gaming can introduce susceptive players to gambling, but it should not be forgotten that there are areas outside online casinos, gambling, or sports betting where gamblers can experience a notable rush of excitement. However, despite the spending of real money and the risk associated with it, many do not associate this imitation with gaming. Loot boxes, for example, comprise consumable virtual items containing a randomized set of in-game items ranging from clothing to things that give the player a definite competitive edge when it comes to getting it all. They can be purchased during the game, but more often – and much to the indignation – players buy them in order to advance faster in the game. Fortnite has made loot boxes laud in the press for their zero return guarantees. Regardless of the price, spent money on the boxes or the number of purchases, there is no certain guarantee that players will get the HQ or unique item they crave, or that the box content will pay off the money spent. In fact, luck is fickle.


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Imitated casino games and wagering real money are mixed up these days. With skyrocketed popularity added, a system to help draw the line between these two proved quite useful. Free gambling simulation games are gaining popularity over real money gambling, resulting from the similarity between simulation games and real money gambling. More and more players start betting on various outcomes of gambling simulated games. Electronic Gambling Machines (EGM) are one example. The latter now has an element of skill or a feature that gives the impression that skill is required. Combining the two experiences is enough to make simulated gaming and actual gambling more exciting for players and results in deeper involvement. However, additional information is required to study the effect of simulation and true gambling convergence.

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