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HRH The Princess Royal visited Cowes and Newport today (Friday), flying in by helicopter.

Princess Anne paid a working visit to see the renovated training facilities at UKSA on Artic Road, Cowes. Her Royal Highness was met by Chief Executive Ben Willows and Chairman of Trustees Kevin George.

The Princess Royal flew to the Island by helicopter and landed in Somerton at around 10:45, before travelling by car to Newport and then onwards towards Wootton. She then departed via Royal helicopter back to the mainland.

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During the visit to UKSA, The Princess Royal was briefed on the 1:1 Virtual tutoring system and was given a demonstration of the Simulator Suite. The Princess viewed the new kitchen facilities and was given a tour of the Sports Hall where she received a briefing on the Capital Development Plan and the Island Youth Programme.

Her Royal Highness was also given a brief on the Isle of Wight programmes supporting young people during COVID-19 as well as the Careers in Maritime project.

As Patron of the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureau’s (NACAB), Her Royal Highness then visited the Help Advice Centre at County Hall in Newport. Paul Saville as Chief Executive of the Help Advice Centre introduced The Princess Royal to representatives of partner organisations and gave a demonstration of the ‘Attend Anywhere’ video conferencing system in use. Her Royal Highness then met volunteers via video link and thanked them for their work.

Finally, The Princess Royal visited the Island Riding Centre on the outskirts of Newport to see the new facilities for the disabled and the work being done with apprentices from HTP College. Her Royal Highness was shown around by Mrs Louise Buckner and was given a demonstration of the new parahoist.

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The Princess met the students and apprentices at their work in the stables and then met the students from St Catherine’s school who were there for their weekly riding session. Finally, the apprentice students performed a musical ride for The Princess, before Her Royal Highness unveiled a plaque to open the Island Riding Centre.


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Real Islander

Just what we need…more sycophants. Royalty of course do not follow the same rules.

Karn Evil 9

I guess the blue royal blood is immune to the virus, yet another waste of money. Why come here, just stay away, maybe she came to let us know the bucks palace will be turned into a migrant camp so the island can be spared. NOT.


Waste of Time and money !!! Has been


What a pathetic comment from the pratt called real islander

Grumpy old git

And what do we see or not see in the photos above? Yes, no more than 6 people, but no masks and rather closer than 2 metres. One rule for us etc

Mr s nikers.

Their outside .why would they wear a mask ?


because it helps to stop the spread.

jon choo

Ah but Prince Philip declared if he was reincarnated he would come back as a virus (maybe they would call it princecoronavirus). Richard you’ve been had.

R h

She should have come with Edward save us tax payers some money

For 2 Pins..

Leave the Royal family alone. It is NOT their fault they are born into the Royal family, and now, instead of a nice life, they now have to visit boring places with even more boring people. Most far less risk would NOT swap lives.


The royal family have every opportunity to advise the government that they will not be carrying out the roles any longer and that the country must transition to a republic. They have not chosen to do this, as they know that they will
not have the pampered lifestyles and access they have.
Within a few generations their family would be skint and descendants would simply be working like everyone else.
They get what they deserve – if they do not like it, then give up the gilded cage they live in and walk away.

Lady Dunstanding

Realist? Fantasist, more like… Try learning, matey. A sense of duty can be nurtured in any family, rich or poor. Miners sons who had to be miners, Forces families whose daughter has to be a WRNS (Wren), or very priveledged and privately hampered Royals who cannot do what they want half the time, know somebody is looking at them through a rifle sight most of the time, and then get idiots without the backbone to pee off to a republic making inane comments about people they pay for…! Learn some stuff and put up with it, or ship out to… Read more »


Yes but why must we pay for them as tax payers. That visit would have cost thousands.

jon choo

That Edward chap, in the awful interview, was lying and you’re right he does live an awful life that he enjoys.

jon choo

My Mother says Ann’s all right and down to earth and kind to staff.


Giving us all a good example of how not to follow any guidance rules for Covid, but Royal blood can afford private health care so lets not worry too much.

Mr s nikers.

Explain what you believe they have done wrong .

John Smith

And who paid for this day out? And i hope they all got tested before coming over here.

Mr s nikers.

Shut up you misery .

Bob Down

Lovely people, lovely day great to see royalty here…we could have got Andrew!


Honi soit qui mal y pense.
Many of the charities visited today assist young and disabled people on the island.
Princess Ann was obviously keeping 2 metres away from others. The three people together in the second photo are the Buckner family who happily live together and like the other volunteers don’t sit on their arse all day whinging.

Mr s nikers.

All the nasty comments on here. You should be ashamed of yourselves .


Bringing covid with them too.

Mr s nikers.

Got any evidence for that?

jon choo

Charlie might’ve passed it on around the staff in the Royal Households, just saying


Every time the Royal Family are in the news the anti Royalists start their ranting about what they cost the tax payer. Let’ me put you right. The Crown Estates, land owners of farms, forests, land and various other interests pay their profits directly to the Exchequer. This amounts to hundreds of millions every year. Out of this the government give back about 82million to support the Monarchy. This is for upkeep of all the Royal properties, the remuneration of staff, and yes travel costs. So overall the country benefits by hundreds of millionsions of pounds from the Royals each… Read more »

jon choo

Thanks for that, how did they get the Land ?

Mr s nikers.

By the sword from brain dead idiots like you

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