For decades we imagined a world of virtual reality environments where we could interact in a digital world. While we are not quite at the level of the holodeck from Star Trek, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are now widely available. As the technology continues to grow it is having a profound impact on online casino gaming.

One area where virtual and augmented reality are redefining how people interact with services is in the online casino realm. Over recent years, live casino experiences have become popular amongst iGaming fans. When playing at a live casino, the gamer interacts with dealers at a real physical location.

VR could help extend this to a new level where people can interact with casino games and other patrons in a virtual space. Virtual reality is being used more and more by new betting sites that want to capture cutting edge technology and provide it to customers.

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We have already seen the potential of VR and AR to change gaming through devices like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Now, online casinos are embracing the technology.

Perhaps it’s worth noting the differences between augmented and virtual reality:

  • Virtual Reality (VR) – When you use virtual reality, you interact with an entirely virtual world. Nothing you see is real and it is like literally being in a game.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) – As the name suggests, AR augments the existing environment. This means virtual objects are placed within your real-world environment. Pokémon Go is a prime example of AR in action.

While the technology remains nascent in the online casino world, some select venues are starting to experiment with VR. For example, on these sites’ users can play online slot games in a virtual world. This means you can have HD quality graphics and immersive interaction with the game.

Looking Ahead

Heading into the future, VR will become more immersive in the online casino experience. Perhaps one day we will see fully-fledged virtual online casinos that you can attend and walk around. While it seems like science fiction, VR technology could already deliver something close to this.

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If we look at AR, it could have some cool applications in the world of online casinos. For example, virtual roulette online sitting right in the middle of your living room. If you have friends over, you could all interact with casino games. Thanks to haptic feedback devices, it would even feel like you are touching the virtual objects.

Current Limitations

Like all growing technologies, VR and AR are arguably not ready for mass consumption just yet, at least in terms of online casinos. For a start, VR head mounted displays (HMD) are still expensive and need a lot of computer power.

Furthermore, while it’s easy to see where the technology could take us, current virtual online casino services are admittedly basic.

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However, as the technology continues to develop and casino venues experiment, expect to see major leaps in quality. Amazingly, with virtual and augmented reality there are no limits. So, who knows what the online casinos of the future will look and feel like? What’s clear is, the future is interesting.

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