We are forced to be in a n space without having to rest from each other.  You have to juggle workers and household responsibilities – twenty-four hours a day, without breaks and weekends.  And if the couple have small children or unmanaged teens?  The cup of patience can overflow so much that the scandal is born. Or even divorce. Single people are losing the ability to go on real dates, meeting face to face, so visit the site. Everything is changed.

CNN TV channel talked with several licensed wedding and family therapists, clinical psychologists, and married people about how to save the health of your relationship from the sensational virus.

Leave Me Alone

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Oh, well, how wonderful it was before!  You both disappeared at work and met for dinner, calmly discussing what happened per day.  Or one of you went to work, and the second enjoyed the sweet moments of loneliness and personal space while staying at home. But here came coronavirus and switched your cards. The smaller your living space, the harder it is to deal with irritation and insurmountable thirst to run away from your family members.  How not go crazy?  Try meditation.  You can enable music in headphones and just enjoy calmness.  Besides, now it’s time to start mastering yoga and other spiritual practices. Although, sometimes people are enough to retire and spend five minutes in absolute silence.

Trading and Agreements

In your schedule, there should be time for loneliness.  Let even it will be half an hour a day.  Arrange with a partner – let someone take on households or child care.  Something like barter.  Find a way to relax from each other.  Break into the phones and sit so – no way out.  Each of you must have full privacy when you do not see and do not hear each other. If you have a dog, then everything becomes much easier.  Animals in the house perform in the anti-stress role, only if you do not start fighting the queue to walk with the dog during lockdown time.  Learn to share and remember that your four-legged friend is not to blame, and he loves both owners equally.


It is impossible to build stable and harmonious relationships if you avoid communicating and talking about souls.  Communication is the key to everything.  And in dark times, as now, and even when the global economy does not threaten the crisis, and on the planet does not stead the dangerous virus with seven-world steps.  How to establish a system of communications inside the family?  You can arrange the Family Council once a week, where all family members will share the latest news and discuss their views on what is happening in the world. Another option is to arrange annoying conversations for souls.  Integer to the physical and psycho-emotional state of each other. Another option is to arrange annoying conversations for souls.  Show interest in the physical and psycho-emotional state of each other. Michele Weiner-Davis (Marriage and Family Therapist from Boulder, Colorado. Author of “Divorce Busting”) confirms – it is not so important how you will spend home sessions of psychotherapy.  More importantly, you are interested in this. Michele says that the most common cause of family scandals in a pandemic is a different look at what is happening globally.  One is amenable to panic and is preparing for the apocalypse, and the second says that the world is crazy, and no viruses pushed him to the edge of the abyss. If you are differently looking at the pandemic, quarantine, self-isolation, and all the activities related to this, you cannot agree and competently distribute responsibilities.  All this only aggravates the tension and grows the alarm in all family members.

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