In casino terms, a high roller is a player who consistently places larger than average wagers. These players are also often referred to as whales. High rollers often receive an array of perks and benefits from the casinos they choose to gamble at, to encourage them to keep coming back. Most of the revenue generated by casinos comes from the middle to upper tier of players, who tend to provide a steady income stream for the business. However, one or two high rollers losing big can make a huge difference to the profit margins of a casino, so high rollers are usually encouraged to return.

High rollers have been specially accommodated in land casinos since at least the 1940s, with hosts employed to ensure their every need was met, establish a strong relationship and keep that customer coming back. High rollers could, and still can, expect to be offered multiple incentives by their chosen casino. These might include perks that help them keep playing, such as increased deposit or withdrawal limits, special loss rebates, access to exclusive private gaming rooms or a variety of bonuses. There are also usually a range of further benefits included in a high roller package, which might start with being offered luxury transport to get to and from the casino and go on to include penthouse suite accommodation, tickets to the best show in town, dinners, expensive drinks and VIP nightclub passes. Whales who are well known to a specific casino can usually negotiate their own tailored package of comps to suit their own requirements.

In recent years, much casino action has moved online, with many players choosing the convenience of being able to log on and play from home over visiting land-based casinos. As such, online casinos have also begun to cater for whales, offering comparable benefits packages or exclusive sites dedicated to high rollers. According to there are several high roller casino sites accessible in the UK, from some of the best-known names in the business. Each offers its own unique benefits package, with services tailored to meet the needs of those willing to wager high stakes. These usually include higher pay-outs, higher maximum bets, more comprehensive customer support and reassurance that payment systems are secure.

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The security of financial transactions online is important to everyone. High rollers looking to make large deposits and, hopefully, large withdrawals at online casinos need to be reassured that those transactions will be carried out securely. In the UK, all reputable online casinos are legally required to be licensed. Those that are licensed are verified and any issues that do occur with licensed online casinos can be dealt with through official channels. All players, and whales in particular, should therefore only look for sites that have been verified by the UK Gambling Commission.

Quality online casinos will use some of the latest encryption technology to help details of all financial transactions secure. They will also offer customers a choice of secure methods for making deposits and withdrawals. Some of the safest payment methods include prepaid cards such as a Paysafecard, which can be preloaded with funds and used to securely transfer those funds elsewhere, or a debit card which requires pin code verification from the bank for each transaction made. There are also various e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller, or secure third-party payments sites such as PayPal. Reputable high roller casinos will be able to offer customers a selection of secure payment options to choose from and allow switching between methods if required. Players should remember to look for the lock icon in the app or URL bar before making any deposits or withdrawals.

Bitcoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency that can offer high rollers at online casinos a unique way of ensuring each transaction they make is secure. Bitcoin operates on blockchain technology, which is virtually impossible to hack and provides a system whereby whales can make deposits and withdrawals without having to give the casino itself any of their personal financial information. Not all casinos accept cryptocurrencies, but for those that do this can be a secure option.

There are several other things that high rollers can do when looking to increase their peace of mind about transaction made at online casinos catering for whales. If there are no fees to be paid for withdrawals or deposits, then making several, smaller transactions is often more secure than a single large transaction. Players should choose strong passwords, change them regularly and never share them with anyone. If gambling via mobile, the device should be protected with biometrics or a PIN to prevent others from accessing open sites. When using Wi-Fi, only secure network connections should be trusted – financial details should never be shared while using an open, public Wi-Fi network.

One final tip for whales when choosing a secure high roller casino online is to use to check if the casino is verified, regulated, licensed, not blacklisted and maintains a solid reputation for security.

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