Livestreaming technology has taken off tremendously in the past few years. As people began using Facebook Live for business launches, the Twitch platform for gaming, and even Instagram Live for announcements, it seems like this state-of-the-art technology is here to stay. How does the Isle of Wight use livestreaming to attract tourism?

How Does the Island Use Livestreaming?

The Isle of Wight has a series of webcams set up around key points of interest as a means of attracting tourism. These webcams can be found on the official Isle of Wight website and feature views of the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary to allow people to see the lions, Ryde Beach, and Ryde Esplanade. In the height of summer and during key moments in the lions’ daily routines, these cameras show what life is like on the island, which is surely enough to appeal to tourists and potential visitors alike.

Why is Livestreaming Important?

Social Media

Many features of social media have evolved to allow people to engage with one another live. For example, many businesses and freelance professionals use the Clubhouse platform, which is a drop-in audio chat. Mimicking the popularity of audio as seen through podcasts, the drop-in chat allows businesses to showcase their expertise during talks and roundtables. The platform can be used for fans of the same thing, hobbies, or even as an audio-only version of a video call.

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Livestreaming in this way can also occur on Twitter through the Twitter Spaces function. The social media giant understands the benefit of these live audio conversations and how friends, businesses, and fans can create a greater community through the feature.


Livestreaming has become popular in entertainment too. As the range of live blackjack games at Casushi show, the online casino industry has embraced livestreaming to create immersive experiences for players. The format takes traditional blackjack and adds the presence of a live dealer who players can see in real-time. This takes the immersive experience you’d have at a land-based blackjack table and benefits from being in a digital format.

But it doesn’t just stop at blackjack. Players can also engage with live variants of poker, roulette, and games such as baccarat. The core essence of the games remain the same while the live element adds a flair of digital technology. Their presence on a site shows how forward thinking it is.


As previously mentioned, Twitch is a platform that allows people to spectate as others play video games. But it isn’t just for gaming. Many people in creative professions use Twitch to let people know what their day looks like. For instance, graphic designers use Twitch to show the process of creating a graphic. Editors do the same as they cut and trim film.

Insight as these professionals work can be more useful than a summary they may give afterwards as there will be small moments and tips and tricks that they may not even realise other people don’t know about. Plus, these livestreams can be monetized.

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The Isle of Wight’s livestreaming webcams provide a new look at the island. They can be practical and show things like when the lions are awake and active at the animal sanctuary and when the beach is busy. In summer, they can act as the perfect enticement for potential tourists. Ultimately, the webcams are effective in tapping into the appetite for livestreaming.

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