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AROUND 8 homes in Binstead have been completely flooded this evening and many more have been effected by flood waters, leaving some homes in 3 foot of water and human feces.

Three pumping appliances from the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service have attended the scene at Binstead Hill, Sandpath, Cemetery Road, Kings Road and Verwood Drive, where water has engulfed homes and left many wading in wellie boots.

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One resident, Abi Eldridge, who is celebrating her birthday today, explained to Island Echo how this is the second time in eighteen months that her home has been left destroyed by flood water.

Abi’s family watched as all the rooms on the ground floor soon became under 3 foot of water with human feces floating in the kitchen. The rear garden of the terraced house was like a swimming pool, as flood water and sewage backed up in the system and into her neighbours garden, before the force of the water knocked down a wooden fence and overflowed into her once presentable garden.

Water marks can be seen against the white outside walls showing how far the water level rose.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, explained how the flooding has only begun since an extension was built on a neighbouring property. The unnamed local speculated that only a 4-inch waste pipe was put in place, which has led to the flooding problems as it cannot cope with a sudden increase in water levels.

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Many have been left homeless tonight with many more facing a long night of mopping up and salvaging what possessions they can.

Fire crews from Ryde and Newport assisted homeowners by pumping out flood water using a portable pump and other techniques to reduce the water level as quickly as possible.

The situation at Binstead Hill was made even more complicated as a broken down Southern Vectis bus was being repaired at the roadside. This has caused delays to the Route 9 and 3 buses this evening.

Firefighters have also been on the scene at Green Lane, Shanklin carrying out safety operations after it was reported a man hole cover collapsed in the road under the strain of the water, which stretched across the entirety of the road. The road has since been closed to traffic by Council officials.

UPDATED: Engineers are currently assessing and clearing sewage pipes at Green Lane. A hard road closure is in place due to the damage caused to the highway.

It is unknown when the road will reopen.

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