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whitwellchurchA rare archive photo of St Mary and St Rhadegunde’s Church in Whitwell has been discovered by the National Churches Trust during a major office spring clean.

The photo shows the church’s nave and ornate chancel screen surmounted by a crucifix and rood figures. It was submitted to the National Churches Trust as part of a grant application to fund repairs to the church.

Claire Walker, Chief Executive Officer of the National Churches Trust said:

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“We were surprised and delighted to find a rare archive photo of St Mary and St Rhadegunde’s Church in our office.

“The photo, one of some 200 we discovered during our office spring clean, has now been digitised to form part of our archive of church photographs. We have returned the original archive photo to St Mary and St Rhadegunde’s Church and hope that they will be able to make use of it in telling the story of their church and to bring the past to life for today’s generation.”

St Mary’s Church with St Rhadegunde’s Church was originally two chapels within one building, hence the dual attribution to two Saints. The parish is now usually termed St Mary and St Rhadegunde.

The National Churches Trust is the leading national independent charity concerned with the protection and welfare of churches, chapels and meeting houses throughout the United Kingdom.

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