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Blue Lamp Trust 2015 25The terrible human cost of collisions caused by bad driving and the huge business benefits to driving safely were demonstrated by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight charity The Blue Lamp Trust at its annual conference on Friday.

The charity, which exists to make the county’s roads a safer place through driver training for businesses, brought together a series of speakers and demonstrations to highlight the importance of being responsible behind the wheel.

The event kicked off with experts from Hampshire’s Fire and Rescue, Police and Ambulance services re-enacting a rescue operation for a three-vehicle collision in front of the 150 delegates.

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Blue Lamp Trust chairman, Alan Lovell, said:

“It was a sobering reminder of the human cost of unsafe driving and showed just how important it is that businesses ensure their staff are driving safely. Statistics show that a third of all accidents on the UK’s roads last year involved someone who was driving for work so the more we can educate owners and directors about the importance of driver safety, the greater chance we have of reducing the number of accidents on our roads.”

Former Top Gear presenter, Quentin Willson, was the guest speaker at the event and used his appearance to back The Blue Lamp Trust’s mission. He said:

“My respect for the work of The Blue Lamp Trust is boundless. We currently have a driving skills crisis in this country and if we don’t do something about it it’s going to get worse. It is very encouraging to see The Blue Lamp Trust is playing an important part in improving road safety through driver training and that so many businesses have come together today to spread the message.”

The conference also highlighted the benefits of eco driving to businesses. The charity runs a number of eco driving courses which can help companies save on their fuel bills by teaching staff to drive in a more efficient way. Statistics from The Blue Lamp Trust show that, on average, companies that have put their staff through the eco driving courses have saved around 17 per cent on their fuel costs.

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The Blue Lamp Trust was set up by the police and the fire service to promote safety in the community. All profits from its range of driver training programmes are reinvested into the running of the Bobby Scheme, which provides home safety and security for the vulnerable and elderly across Hampshire.

To learn more about The Blue Lamp Trust’s driver training or for more information about the Bobby Scheme, contact 0300 777 0157 or visit www.bluelamptrust.org.uk.

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