In 1541 a legend was born, the legend of Gonzalo Pizarro. Gonzo was obsessed with gold, jewels and gems, so pushed by the desire of finding the antique treasure of the Maya, he started the most exciting treasure hunt.

With your help, Gonzo can find the missing gold and finally become a legend.

Gonzo’s Guest Slot is based on real facts, the suggestive environment, with its Mayans Temples immersed in the Jungle and the antique totems, will give you the sensation of being a true hunter.

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This slot, differently than the classic machines which have wheels and reels, uses the “Avalanche” method.

Piles of heavy stones, where the symbols have been sculped, fall off on top one another generating the winning combinations.

Up to 20 paylines, this suggestive game will surprise you with its special effects and extra rewards. Starting from 1 penny up to 50 pence per line, the Player has the freedom to pump up the winning power.

Any time the Player gets a winning, the symbols which compose the winning combination explode, they will be replaced by new random symbols which can make a new winning combination.

Every time the Player wins, a multiplier gets triggered. In fact, if the Player gets a reward thanks to the replaced symbols, the multiplier is increased of one unit up to 5x when the given winnings are 4 or 5 in a row.

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How to Win

To get the prizes, the symbols which compose the winning must be placed from the first “wheel” on the left.

The Wild symbol, represented by the “question mark” carved in the rock, can substitute all the other symbols in a winning combination.

Like any other “respectful” slot, Gonzo’s Guest has the Scatter symbol too. The Scatter, here is actually called Free Fall and it is represented by a golden mask. If the Player lands 3 consecutive golden masks starting from the first pile on the left, the Free Falls (similar to the Free Spins) phase begins.

During the Free Fall, the value of the multiplier is increased accordingly with the “Avalanche”. If the Free Fall stage has been triggered during the first Avalanche, the multiplier is 3x, then it becomes 6x, 9x and 15x if has been activated respectively in the second, third, fourth and fifth Avalanche.

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All the other winning symbols follow the same rules than the Scatter and the Wild. From a minimum of 3 symbols, where the prize can be 3 coins in case of the less rewarding combination, up to 2500 coins if you hit 5 of the most rewarding symbols.

For the most experienced Players, the functionalities “Auto Play” and “Max Bet” can be easily activated by hitting the buttons placed by the sides of the Play button.

Final Thoughts 

The treasure map tells the truth, a huge treasure is waiting to be discovered. Help Gonzo in this adventure, follow him into the wild and take possession of the gold and the gem. Face your fears, become a true living legend!

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