Following recent open forums, a working party has been formed with volunteers from across the Brading community to see whether a community project could be set up to secure the future of the town’s youth club and its building.

The working party has produced some initial proposals that it would now like to share with the residents of Brading to gauge the level of support for taking this work forward.

In particular the working party are asking:

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“Is the future of the Youth Club and its building, of sufficient importance to justify the community working together to raise the funds (grants, donations, etc.) to renovate the building, to establish an organisation to run the Youth Club and to meet the annual running costs of the Youth Club and the building?”

If this Community approach is supported, other uses of the building will be explored to make it available for wider community use.

Residents are invited to join the members of the working party at Brading Town Hall on Thursday 29th September from 14:00-19:00 to share and seek ideas on:

• How do we save the Youth Club and building?
• What is the Community Project?
• Who is involved?
• What do you think?
• Could you help?

More information can be obtained by emailing [email protected].

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