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Grime in the chipping machine

Failure to maintain a clean food premises has seen a chip shop in Sandown fined after being charged with a total of 6 food safety and hygiene offences.

Fat Harry’s in High Street, Sandown was deemed to be so unclean that the Isle of Wight Council brought charges against the business for contravening/failing to comply with EU provision concerning food safety and hygiene. The decision to take the business to court only came about after Fat Harry’s failed a staggering 7 inspections since 2010.

The Isle of Wight Magistrates Court heard this week how the staff failed to effectively clean and, where necessary, disinfect equipment which food came into contact with. No hand basins were provided for staff to clean their hands and generally the premises had not been kept in a good state of repair. There was also a failure to maintain a permanent procedure based on ‘HACCP principles’.

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Ceilings and overhead fixtures were not finished to prevent the accumulation of dirt and reduce condensation, the growth of undesirable moulds or shedding of particles. Floor surfaces were not maintained in a sound condition so as to be easy to clean and, where necessary, disinfected.

The shop’s potato peeler

Manager Gary Beaumont of St John’s Road and director Susan Cotton of High Street, Sandown both appeared in court on Monday where they each pleaded guilty to all 6 offences.

Fat Harry’s Ltd was fined a total of £4,000 and ordered to pay a £181 surcharge. Beaumont was fined £853 as well as being ordered to pay costs of £639 with a surcharge of £85. Cotton was fined just £250, ordered to pay costs of £639 and a £25 surcharge – a total financial penalty of £6,668.

Amanda Gregory, the council’s strategic manager for regulatory and community safety services, has said:

“Hygiene and safety standards are there to protect the health and safety of people that eat from food premises.

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“The environmental health department has a good track record of working with businesses to resolve issues around food hygiene and safety for the benefit of the business and their customers.

“Sadly, despite many inspections, advice and formal notices from our officers over the years, this case wasn’t one that we were able to gain a sustained improvement, which is why we took the decision to prosecute.”

At an inspection on 7th January 2020, it was recognised the business had improved standards and the outcome will appear on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme site after the appeal period.

Layers of grease on the fryer

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The food in there is disgusting, wouldn’t feed to rats let alone humans


How about you stoppa having to much of an opinion that no ones interested in. Just a suggestion that’s all


OMG. I had fish and chips from there, and I couldn’t believe how many bones there were in the fish. So glad I had a small portion, and I didn’t feel good afterwards. I never ever went back. Disgusting town really. Needs a complete shakedown and all the rubbish throwing out. Bring the town alive again. YUCK!

Some Guy

Good words of advice there Im off to Macky Dees

Dan Skelton

Peter, will you do us all a favour and leave the internet forever? I’ve seen the amount of disgusting racist posts you make on another site, you constantly complain about everything, slagging off Darren/IE even though you constantly share, comment, and read his content, and you say a lot of things that shouldn’t be said. Just leave the internet.


We always eat here when on the island, easily been there 10* times, never personally had any issue with the food or premises.


You won’t have had access to look into the whole of the fryer, nor to see the peeling device, and did you examine the ceiling, and nooks and crannies of the floor, on the work side, and did you check the hand-washing facilities for staff? (There were none). I doubt it.


You been in there and looked yourself yeah? Were you one of the inspectors are do you just sit online at home looking for shit to write on?


Not the plaice to eat and it is the sole shop of its kind it is currently changing its name to dirty harrys..I think it has had its chips, cod help it

Dodger Roger

Suppose your related or friends. Lol


Have you looked at those photos?!


Pete you sound like someone who eats their dinner off a dustbin lid

pete avery



You must have rocks where your brains should be to like eating from there.


You probably eat cereal with a fork


Clear off back to the mainland hole you came from !!!!!!

pete avery

another inbred comment lol


Shame you can’t manage to take your caps lock off!!!


Seems to me Pete Avery that your an inbred that still has rocks for brains for keep defending the indefensible. Knumbskull.

A.N Other

Have you looked at the photos? They do not lie.


boy you must be fun at parties mate.


What on earth!! How can somewhere like this fail SEVEN inspections???
Pathetic to have allowed it to stay open so long. I presume none of the so-called inspectors ate there after the first one or two inspections???
Nice ot have let anyone else do so though eh?


Check the hygiene rating before you eat out


Very true. Wonder how many were ill after eating there that didn’t report it? Why are the public not informed when it could affect their health!


And the owners will still sell food somewhere else ?


Fat Harry’s is the don

Bob Frapples

I think you mean the Codfather

Bob Frapples

Any thoughts on this one Az-zahra Aziz?


Yes, we are missing the usual ‘blame the immigrants’ rhetoric

Az-zahra Aziz

As it happens I never have eaten from there. But I imagine a lot of fast food places, especially foreign ones have very poor standards of hygiene. Some employed illegals who will have had likely no food handling training. Places Like Mc D’s serve cheap, rubbish food, BUT it is clean, and the staff are trained, they have strict guidelines to adhere too. Privately owned food outlets, unlike chains, have a ‘vested interest’ in serving up perhaps out of date food, dropped on the floor food, scraping off fly eggs from meat etc, as it is THERE profit gone if… Read more »


Far too many, thank you Aziz. And, as usual, they are your usual ignorant, racist and thoroughly offensive comments. You say you ‘IMAGINE the poor standards of fast food outlets’.
If you have to ‘imagine’ the facts it means that, as usual, you have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about.
But that doesn’t stop you from pouring out your usual uniformed and idiotic comments, does it?
You are just a pathetic waste of space.

Bob Frapples

Yez thankz for your thoughtz

Old bean

Only chip shop you get a toilet roll with the fish and chips bound to get upset stomach


Filthy disgusting establishment. There are no excuses for this kind of filth in a business selling food whether you are busy or otherwise. No surprise it always appeared to be empty. Too bad it was not closed down until it was brought up to a decent standard.

Pedro Quaner

Only one decent chip shop on the Island and that’s Stotesburys in Nodehill. Dont fight me on it. (And not not affiliated with them whatsoever).


Rainbow in Freshwater is another good one


It’s that bad Harry had to get fat elsewhere.


my cement mixer is cleaner than that fryer

Old bean

Penny try blue crab large cod and chips feeds 2 people easily better than rainbow blue crab best on west wight

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