Photo: Freshwater Fire Station


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Photo: Freshwater Fire Station

Emergency services have been called to a road traffic collision in Freshwater this evening (Saturday).

Firefighters from the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service were called to Afton Road at around 20:30 following reports of a 2 vehicle collision.

Fire appliances from Newport and Freshwater, a Fire Duty Officer, a Co-Responder from Freshwater, Ambulances and an Ambulance Duty Officer from the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service along with local police officers are all in attendance.

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Police have closed the road to traffic between Military Road (Freshwater Bay) and Newport Road (Middle Road) junction.

UPDATE @ 22:20 – Freshwater Fire Station have tonight confirmed that two vehicles were involved in the collision.

The occupants of one of the vehicles have been extricated by removing the roof of the car.

3 persons were involved in the incident, 2 of which, a male and a female, have been taken to St Mary’s Hospital – although, thankfully, are said to be in a non-life-threatening condition.

The second vehicle involved appears to be a supermarket delivery van which has sustained front-end damage.

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Photo: Freshwater Fire Station

Photographs have been supplied by Freshwater Fire Station have been published with kind permission of the drivers family. 


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Very lucky no serious injuries! When you see the front end damage to the car

Yazmin Pannell

One of the occupants was a young lad, he broke both his legs and his femur 🙁


More bad driving on the I o w


Assumptions, Anything could of happened, Not always down to bad driving. I have been in a vehicle when a large tree branch has fallen literally infront of the car and have had to swerve. Unless you were there you have no idea what the situation was.


Yes indeed anything could have happened.
However countering other peoples assumptions with your scenario of swerving to avoid a tree branch by heading straight into another vehicle would be a pretty good example of very bad driving I would have thought.
Perhaps best if all assumptions were left a little while for those pesky facts to emerge eh?


How dare you say that you selfish stuck up knob you have know idea how or why this happened


get out

Phil Sucks

Do you honestly not get bored of commenting the same crap on every accident? I am willing to bet money that you’re not exactly a perfect driver (if you even have a licence!). Let’s just hope that you don’t have an accident and people blame your driving…


It would be interesting to know how the delivery van was parked. In my experience they seem to park where they like often in illegal places such as on a pedestrian crossing.

Tony Plowright

it would be interesting to know the speed of the car. LOOK AT THE DAMAGE!


If you read the report the speed didn’t exceed 45 mph, no alcohol or anything was detected at the incident either, blind corner, one of those things, they are going to be ok and that mate is what you should be thinking


If it was my family member I would really appreciate someone joking about it. Imbecile.

Billy mellor

Not funny you prick


Sometimes parking is an issue, there’re only there for 5 minutes so it doesn’t matter does it.
Do you give the postman a hard time too !!!


Hope the delivery driver is ok

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