The election period continues today (Saturday) with the counting of the town, parish, and community council votes from across the Island.

Later today, vote counting will start (at around 15:30) for the smaller local authorities after Islanders went to the polls on Thursday (6th May).

Every town, parish, and community council on the Island went into the election period needing to fill every seat but only 18 wards in 11 councils will be determined today.

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This is due to uncontested elections — where there are enough seats for the candidates that put themselves forward. This means nearly 200 candidates have already received their place on their chosen council.

The results being determined today are for wards where there are too many candidates compared to the number of seats available.

At Bembridge Parish Council for instance, despite only 6 wards available in each of its North and South Wards, 17 candidates have put themselves forward, 8 in one and 9 in the other.

So, which wards will be decided today?

Bembridge Parish Council

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North Ward (6 seats)

  • Jay Chapman
  • Martin Groom
  • Paul Kenny
  • Rosamond Poncia
  • Alasdair Steane
  • Mike Tarrant
  • Richard Weaver
  • Liz White

South Ward (6 seats)

  • Harriet Brabazon
  • Iain Delaney
  • Margaret Donlon
  • Josh Lake
  • Liz Mitchell
  • Grant Stillman
  • Marianne Sullivan
  • Sheila Weedall
  • Ray Widger

Brighstone Parish Council

Brighstone Ward (6 seats)

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  • Pearl Adams
  • Doug Alldred
  • Colin Bridges
  • John Cirrone
  • Steve Hastings
  • Matt Huxley
  • Nick Stuart

Cowes Town Council

Cowes North Ward (6 seats)

  • Anni Adams
  • Paul Bertie
  • Paul Fuller
  • Richard Hollis
  • Neil Oliver
  • David Walters
  • Wendy Wardrop

East Cowes Town Council

Osborne Ward (4 seats)

  • Stephen Hendry
  • Sharon Lake
  • Michael Paler
  • Cameron Palin
  • Simon Walker

Lake Parish Council

Lake South Ward (3 seats)

  • Patch Barry
  • Paul Brading
  • Jenny Hicks
  • John Marshall
  • Robert May
  • Stephen Parkes

Newport and Carisbrooke Community Council

Mountjoy and Shide Ward (2 seats)

  • Jaimie Bundell
  • Shirley Smart
  • Fred Turgut

Niton and Whitwell Parish Council

Niton ward (6 seats)

  • Jon BG
  • Simon Biles
  • Sherlie Burridge
  • Claire Critchison
  • Wendy Loader
  • Alison Logan
  • Lorraine Sheerin

Ryde Town Council

Binstead Ward (2 seats)

  • Diana Conyers
  • Simon Cooke
  • Christopher Cory
  • Ian Dore

Haylands and Swanmore Ward (2 seats)

  • Les Kirkby
  • Sue Lyons
  • Malcolm Ross

Ryde Appley and Elmfield Ward (3 seats)

  • Lisa Carter
  • Paul Hampton
  • Michael Lilley
  • Jenna Sabine

Ryde Monktonmead Ward (3 seats)

  • Georgie Carter
  • Charles Chapman
  • Karen Lucioni
  • Mick Lyons

Ryde North West Ward (2 seats)

  • Phil Jordan
  • John McLagan
  • Steven Sheridan
  • Phil Truckel

Ryde West Ward (2 seats)

  • Richard May
  • Ian Stephens
  • Lou Temel

Sandown Town Council

Sandown North Ward (6 seats)

  • Debbie Andre
  • Sue Betts
  • Paul Brading
  • Ian Fletcher
  • Dan Haynes
  • Heather Humby
  • Alex Lightfoot
  • Robert May
  • Stephen Parkes
  • Joan Solomon

Sandown South Ward (6 seats)

  • Frank Baldry
  • Emily Brothers
  • Pauline Evans
  • Jenny Hicks
  • Paddy Lightfoot
  • Ian Ward
  • Toby Wilcock
  • Gary Young

Shanklin Town Council

Shanklin Central (6 seats)

  • Michael Beston
  • William Boustead
  • Sue Godden
  • Wendy Hilton-How
  • Esther Knight
  • Robin Lansdell
  • Adrian Whittaker
  • David Williams

Ventnor Town Council

Ventnor West Ward (6 seats)

  • Ian Bond
  • Steve Cooper
  • Matthew Didge
  • Julie Hutchinson
  • Mark Jefferies
  • Jamie Macaulay
  • Steve Milford
  • Lester Slade
  • James Toogood
  • Steph Toogood
  • Phil Warren
  • John Watkins

Find out who your local councillor is, how and where to vote and the results of previous elections at www.isleofwight.vote - the Island's new hub for all things related to Local and General Elections, brought to you by Island Echo.

The views/opinions expressed in these comments are solely those of the author and do not represent those of Island Echo. House rules on commenting must be followed at all times.
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Sparkling Ovens
Sparkling Ovens
1 month ago

Bembridge will never be out of the news, for all the wrong reasons again then soon.

Old scores will be the motive for many, yet the villagers and village suffer as more time is wasted on bickering than doing what people naively vote these people onto the council for.

Too many early retired, well to do, bored with partner people become councillors, when what is needed is young, new thinking and people who run their own business to ensue that we progress, not regress into the past once more.

Lets hope the new blood will solve a few issues here now.

Hill Billies
Hill Billies
Reply to  Sparkling Ovens
1 month ago

Well done Josh you have all the famally suport and love. X x

Stick it to em son so prode we is of you own business and a cousillor.

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