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Wightlink have been forced to cancel 6 sailings on their Ryde Pier Head-Portsmouth Harbour catamaran service today (Monday) due to crew sickness.

The 16:40, 17:40 and 18:45 sailings from Portsmouth Harbour and the 17:10, 18:10 and 19:15 from Ryde have all been cancelled.

All booked customers will travel on the next available sailing.

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Wightlink apologises for any changes to your travel plans.

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Seems like they are sick of working?
Surely there are extra staff to cover in these situations?

none given

no there won’t be extra staff – they will only have enough crew trained staff on duty to run the timetable. If someone goes sick, then they must either try to call someone in or cancel sailings. Overtime is voluntary and there are restrictions on hours staff can work, so as to ensure they have a minimum number of hours between shifts, to comply with legislation.

Fed up with opinionated idiots

You got shares in wightlink and red funnel?! Seems to have a lot to say regarding their services, always one sided opinions… Sickness of staff results in hundreds of people affected, missed appointments, delays, getting home late, not getting to work… yes, completely acceptable! I don’t think so!

none given

@fedup it would seem that you are opinionated, based on the fact that you have made a post – guess that makes you an idiot then. it is a fact – only certain staff members are trained and qualified to crew. Those same staff members must, by law, have a minimum amount of time between shifts and as such, cannot cover sickness as they will not be permitted to start their own shifts later on. That leaves those on rostered days off, who could be asked to cover unexpected sickness. If they say no, which is their right to do… Read more »


seriously. my husband works on mainland 12+hrs a day. And your telling me he wont get the 17.10 boat back. so he wont get in till after 21.00 hrs tonight. Your having a Gee-raff.

none given


i guess your being sarcastic as the next boat is running about 30 mins later.


Cost too much to have spare crew on call. 🙁 Well what ever, nothing will change, no one of any importance will never use these ferries anyway. Us plebs will just have to shut up and take it where sun does not shine. Welcome to the modern world where being a pleb is your lot.

James Edwards

Unfortunately the modern business model (and has been for a number of years) is now only to have staffing levels sufficient for “Immediate operational requirements”.
No-one in the modern business world staffs for contingencies- unfortunately, we have to live with this fact and tolerate ‘modern levels of service’.
The fact is that the majority of “service” businesses these days are controlled by accountants and others monitoring the bottom line, and as a result there is no slack in staffing levels to cope with “staff shortages and sickness”.

none given

Spot on james.

Bill Jones

Not really complaining on staff etc etc. Though what happens if the last ferry accross is cancelled, where does one sleep over for the night?

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