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cowesrnlilifeboatsheenalouiserearSeparate calls for help from boats in the Solent lead to Cowes RNLI lifeboat being launched twice within five hours today (Wednesday).

The first alert came when Solent Coastguard were alerted that the fishing boat Sea Monkey, with two men aboard, had broken down with engine trouble near West Ryde Middle buoy. The lifeboat from Cowes was tasked to launch to go to its aid at 14:45.

After the boat had been towed to Clarence Yard in East Cowes, one of the anglers, David Bonham, said:

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“Although we were catching loads of fish we decided to move to Norris Buoy because the sea was cutting up. It was then we found we could not make headway because of a mechanical problem.

“We would only seek help from the RNLI if we really had no choice and we are very grateful for the assistance.”

The second emergency call came from the 33ft yacht Kusima with two men aboard, which had gone aground on the Bramble Bank near the entrance to Southampton Water – much like the Hoegh Osaka.

HM Coastguard particularly wanted the yacht removed as quickly as possible because of the impending arrival in the Solent of the US registered car carrier Courage, bound for Southampton after having previously had a fire aboard in the English Channel.

The Cowes lifeboat was once again launched at 17:30.  Eventually, helped by a rising tide, the yacht was towed off the bank and it then proceeded to East Cowes. The lifeboat returned to station at 18:11.

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