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The Isle of Wight Council has moved to clarify for residents its position about the proposed introduction of Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs).

It follows recent confusion, especially on social media, about the council’s intention to consult with the public about what might be included in these orders before they are considered for introduction.

The proposed new PSPOs are needed to replace existing dog and alcohol control orders that will soon be no longer enforceable due to a change in the law.

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The council will undertake a public consultation exercise to confirm the existing arrangements, which is now likely to take place in the New Year over an extended period of 8 weeks.

The council will also be seeking residents’ views about some additional PSPOs covering dogs and alcohol controls. These additions have been informed by a consultation carried out in the last year with town and parish councils, landowners and other key stakeholders.

Councillor John Hobart, Cabinet member for environment and heritage, said:

“Many of the rules which have been in place for the past ten years will remain unchanged under the new PSPOs. Any changes have been suggested following comments received from town and parish councils, landowners and other key stakeholders.

“For example, it has been suggested dogs should be kept on leads in some of our recreation grounds where there are sports pitches and children’s play areas — this follows comments received from members of the public and sports clubs.

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“I have also seen reports that we are banning dogs from Ventnor Park — again, this is inaccurate. Under the proposed PSPO, the status quo would remain with dogs free to exercise off the lead in the upper park area but must be kept on a lead in the lower park area.”

Councillor Dave Stewart, council leader and Cabinet member for community safety and public protection, said:

“At this stage the council was only ever looking to consult with the community about the draft proposals and there was never any intention to make a final decision until everyone has had the opportunity to have their say

“The full details of the existing, amended and the few new orders, will be made clear as part of any consultation in the new year and I can assure residents that all comments will be carefully considered before the council makes its final decisions.

“We understand this is a sensitive issue and we need to strike the right balance. The intention is not to stop people walking their dog on the beach or from enjoying a drink as part of a picnic.

“We are responding to a legislation change which is designed to ensure public safety, help tackle anti-social behaviour and give local authorities the power to act when it is necessary.”


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If you put the full facts out in the beginning, instead of snippets being leaked, fuelling anger from residents, we might be more understanding, or is this a backpeddle after the social media reaction. Pay more attention to the feelings of the the electorate and you might get more support. Rant over


The full facts were there, in the consultation document. Hardly the council’s fault that very few of us bothered to read it before joining the baying mob ranting against inaccuracies.

If you want to blame anyone it would be those that never bothered to find the facts out before jumping feet first into protests, or possibly the journalists doing the initial reports for using sensationalist headlines without doing us all the courtesy of including a link to the actual proposals so we could easily see what was (or indeed was NOT) being mooted.


Perhaps you need to not jump to conclusions before the facts are clear. That is typical of modern society. Be patient. It all comes out in the wash.


Currently the Totland bay recreation ground is littered with cans, batteries and plastic bottles. Their are mole hills, fox and rabbit holes throughout the area which could cause serious injury or broken bones. How is keeping dogs on leads going to solve these issues?

Az-zahra Aziz

A black bag smeared across a steaming heap, ONLY removes the bulk of the solids, not even that if sloppy, thus a huge amount of germ filled poo, including worm eggs are left for YOUR child to find.

Keep dogs away from beaches and parks.

No use keeping them on a lead, it is NOT that ‘end’ of the dog that messes, and the owners who don’t care, will still let it poo anyway. A nappy would be more use.

Kate gardner

Dirty nappies left in car parks……..

Az-zahra Aziz

As so many thumbs down, I can see many prefer to be in denial. Yet IF your dog pooed on your floor, a black poo bag picking up the solids would not leave the floor clean or germ free. So why should children have to then sit amongst these then near invisible poo smears in parks or on the beach? I bet IF I pooed on your table, you would not wish to eat there if all I did was lower a crumpled bag over such and lift the bulk. THINK many have picnics, and only a few bluebottles leave… Read more »

John owner

Really? It’s nature outside mate, cats, rats badgers, rabbits, need I go on, bacteria is everywhere outside… Inside you can control outside you cannot. Germs are everywhere, deal with it or purel your heart out. People’s dogs do poo in their own garden and people do clean it up. I’m a dog owner and agree, dogs shouldn’t be in parks where children play and on sports fields (if there is anything going on) I despise people who don’t clean up after their pets.

Sue Thomas

You really should look up proper facts before you start getting hysterical about whatever may be left after dog poo is removed. They don’t crap radioactive poo you know!!! The majority of dogs in this country are wormed regularly and therefore carry NO WORMS!! You are more at risk from seagull . The facts are that you are five times more likely to be struck by lightning than contract an illness from domestic dogs. Only 25 cases of toxicariasis in the WHOLE of England and Wales over the last ten years.


Will be nice to be able to take children out without stepping in dog poo, it’s literally everywhere, discusting, kids can’t play anymore without ending up covered in it, who wants a nice picnic with the woft of shit? And who wants their loved ones capped all over in graveyards?

Magical mag

I hate to think where you live then mate, people pick up their dogs poo ,perhaps it was a fox or badgers that you stepped in?

S a manning

IOW anti dog’s anyway . Unless you go self catering very little holiday accommodation for those with dogs.

Julian Brown

When have this Council ever listened to anyone? The public didn’t want the roundabout to be replaced with traffic lights and did they listen. Now everybody gets stuck in unacceptable traffic jams trying to get to work. They will do what they want, no matter what people say.

Shirley Adams

Dogs can poo on or off the lead, responsible owners will pick up the mess. Irresponsible owners will continue to walk on by. So what will be gained by the council’s decision. I will agree to a ban on dogs on the beach however when the council decides to ban people. Having exercised my dog on the beach for three years I can definitely say he has left no plastic, litter, used syringe needles or broken glass or beer cans.

Magical mag

Well done for your honest opinion ,its people who make more mess than dogs do,and if not vaping everywhere that’s disgusting getting a heavy waft of vape in your face.

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