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The Isle of Wight Council has clarified its position over the proposed consultation on Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) after inaccurate reporting led to public outrage last week.

Notice of a delegated decision was issued on Friday morning advising of the introduction of PSPOs across the Isle of Wight. From this notice it was clear that dogs would not be banned from the Island’s beaches year-round – instead, the existing rules would simply be transferred across under a new order, with some additions. Despite this, it was reported elsewhere and through social media groups that dogs were being banned completely.

Council officials have now issued a statement to clarify what is happening.

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PSPOs will replace a range of powers introduced by previous legislation, including Designated Public Place Orders (DPPOs), which relate to anti-social drinking and Dog Control Orders (DCOs), which place restrictions on dog walkers in certain locations. The orders relate to dog fouling, dogs on leads and dog exclusion zones and areas related to anti-social drinking.

The council will consult on:

• where dogs can access beaches and areas where dogs should be on a lead in public parks;
• areas where dogs should be excluded, including young children’s play areas and selected beaches during the summer months only (the current position which has been in place over 10 years)
• a new proposal to restrict dogs from cemeteries.

Councillor Tig Outlaw, Cabinet member for community safety and public protection said:

“It is unfortunate that the intention to launch a consultation is being incorrectly reported, as it will be a sensitive issue to many people.

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“It has been suggested the council has already decided to ban dogs from every public space — this is incorrect. The new orders are currently only draft and many of them already exist under previous legislation.”

“During the consultation, we will make it very clear what dog control orders are proposed (new public spaces protection orders) and where. We shall explain why and how they differ from Dog Control Orders already in force.

“The period of consultation will last for at least six weeks as stated in the report. All results from the consultation will go back to members before any final decision in the new year.”

Beaches where dogs will be banned for the summer months:

  • Colwell Beach
  • Cowes Beach
  • East Cowes Beach
  • Freshwater Bay
  • Gurnard Beach
  • Ryde Beach
  • Sandown Beach
  • Seagrove Beach
  • Shanklin Beach
  • Springvale Beach
  • Ventnor Beach
  • Yaverland Beach

Area where dogs will have to be kept on a lead:

In addition to a ban from dogs entering all playgrounds and cemeteries, it is proposed that dogs must be kept on leads in a number of locations across the Island.

  • Binstead Recreation Ground, Ryde
  • Church Litten Park, Newport
  • Clatterford Recreation Ground, Carisbrooke
  • Colwell Common, Totland (between Colwell Road and Colwell Common Road)
  • Coronation Gardens, Ryde
  • County Ground, Shanklin
  • Downside Recreation Ground, Furrlongs, Newport
  • East Cowes Esplanade
  • Keats Green, Shanklin
  • Gurnard Green off Princes Esplanade, Gurnard
  • Mornington Green/Woods, Cowes
  • Park Road Recreation Ground, Northwood
  • Prince’s Green, Cowes
  • Puckpool Park, Seaview
  • Rylstone Gardens, Shanklin
  • Salisbury Gardens & Seabreeze Playground Ventnor
  • Seaclose Park, (inc. Arboretum) Fairlee Road, Newport
  • Seaview Recreation Ground
  • St Helens Green, St Helens
  • St Thomas’s Rest Gardens, Ryde
  • Stroud Recreation Ground, Freshwater
  • Totland Recreation Ground, Totland
  • Venner Avenue Open Space, Northwood
  • Ventnor Park, Park Avenue, Ventnor
  • Wootton Recreation Ground, Wootton
  • Wroxall Football Ground
  • Bleak Down area
  • Roud area
  • Chillerton area
  • Arreton – Lane End area
  • Godshill – Moor Farm area
  • The Duver, St Helens
  • Newtown Nature Reserve
  • Ryde Seafront (Zones 1-4)

If the decision to consult is agreed, opportunities to contribute will be made widely available, including via the council’s website.

The views/opinions expressed in these comments are solely those of the author and do not represent those of Island Echo. House rules on commenting must be followed at all times.
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Lesley Sutton

Agood so Ventnor beach is still only a summer ban ? Thats good.

Mark Dunsford

But the definition of “summer” seems to be getting longer and longer

Sarah Suchecki

Their be designated areas that dogs can go
On the beach? As there are areas at the moment where that can happen in the summer. Will we loose those areas of beach too??


Probably. The council want to spoil things for everyone because of the actions of a few!

Alison Battaglia

Hope not… we love taking our dogs when on holiday to the end of Ryde beach AND we always clear up any mess


Yaverland beach has been added so if you live in Sandown area, there is no beach to take your dog. I hope the ban will include horses as well, as they seem to be able to leave their mess anywhere, and no one says anything about that. Having to walk out into the middle of the road to go round these heaps is dangerous on narrow roads with no footpath, but even in areas where there is a pavement I often see horse manure on the path, so again it means pushchair and wheelchairs would have to go into the… Read more »


Yeah, it annoys me, one rule for the horse and another one for the dog. The high and mighty horse riders jumping of their high horse, saying its organic. Rubbish, its still S^*£ and attracts the flies. YUCK!


So what do you suggest, it’s no different than millions of nappies pads and other nasties…. Choking the planet


Not many votes there AZ, want to ask yourself y that is…..


“Inaccurate reporting”…. spin doctor nonsense and a council smokescreen – they are adding year round dog friendly beaches to a list. The reporting has therefore been accurate as has been the backlash been justified. Yaverland is a casing point of the only place you can take a dog in the bay year round. Less we forget, these are the council members who voted for new ipads and payrises for themselves at a time of cuts and their complete lack of control of the Island Roads contract. Rather than dealing with these issues they are intent on committing a complete own… Read more »


Totally agree. They should be dealing with far more important issues like the fiasco of the floating bridge, st Mary’s roundabout, the cuts to the gritting of roads, public toilets closing etc etc I could go on. No they’ll just ruin it for people who just want to relax and enjoy being out and about with our four legged friends.

none given

it is not an own goal – there is significant support for it by a large number of beach and public space users who do not own dogs, nor want them around.


Let’s hope you never need an assistance dog!

none given


get a grip – yet another virtue signaller – since when do assistance dogs go on the beach – never.


Yes they do I know of a few. Do you know anyone with one? I do. What about those that help autistic children? Should they be banned too?


And we’re not just talking beaches here it’s cemeteries and public spaces too.

Mary Vine

You can understand bereaved people not wanting poo on their loved ones’ graves.


Sure, but I can also understand bereaved people wanting to visit the grave of their loved one with their closest companion, who might be the only living connection they have left in this world. Who has the right to say they can’t do that? Xx

Jacqui Bartram

I’ve been walking in Northwood Cemetery in Cowes, for the last 7yrs with a little dog. I never let him off the lead, stick to the proper paths, and always clear up behind him. The FONC see me daily and have NO COMPLAINTS. I know of many other dog walkers line myself, we have nowhere else to go, as they are banning dogs from almost everywhere. All for the sake of a couple of bad dog walkers, we are being penalised.


You’re verging on deluded if you believe there’s “significant” support for these proposals… there is however massive and overwhelming resistance to this.

none given

@vikki – there are significant numbers of islanders and tourists who do not like dogs, do not want dogs near them and certainly don’t want them on the beach

you are deluded if you think otherwise.


The point is around the council seeking to expand the existing bans onto beaches where dogs have always had access and which are adjacent to beaches which have existing dog bans – for example banning dogs from Yaverland, therefore removing any dog access to the entirety of the Bay – a noted tourist destination. As per other comments, the attraction of many a tourist is the ability to bring a dog (saves putting them in kennels or the cost of taking them abroad – a differentiating attraction of the island. 99% of dog owners will sympathise with anyone angry at… Read more »

Mary Vine

That reaction was only because people thought it a new, all year round ban.


With respect Mary that’s rubbish… the proposal IS aiming to further restrict dog walkers access to more public spaces for more of the time. That’s entirely accurate isn’t it Mary? None of the 7.5k people who signed the petition want or accept any further erosion of our freedom to enjoy walking our pets ( respectful of others of course) in our mutually shared spaces . It’s actually the complete opposite of what most of us would really like to see happen, which is greater access to more places for more of the time. This hastily put together statement from IWC… Read more »


What about the litter of plastic bottles, tin cans, dirty nappies etc that families leave behind, shall we ban them too in public spaces!! Badly behaved children can be just as disruptive as badly behaved dogs, what about another ban on them too?? Where do you draw the line??



none given


children rarely crap on the beach – keep it in perspective eh.


None given??? No name shouldn’t you be using beaches where dogs are not allowed…. Sad that children with ability dogs upsets you….. Whoever you think you are

none given

@viv – virtue signaller – dogs do not belong on the beaches, where the majority of society doesn’t want them.


You’re so wrong… The “majority” absolutely do want fair access to outside spaces ( including beaches) For ourselves and our four pawed family members. Take a look at the voting here and elsewhere, take a look at the massive numbers signing the petitions against this proposal. Get real… none_given. There are plenty of restrictions in place already that enable you to avoid the dogs you clearly hate so much… what makes you think you and your minority view should have it all? Fair & shared access with our companions is what we want and expect, a place for you… and… Read more »

none given


There are over 100k people living on the island – this site is not representative and well you know it – 40 or 50 people liking a comment does not constitute an overwhelming majority.

hardly massive numbers



Would you not agree that 7700+ people making their opposition to these proposals known does in fact constitute a significant a significant number?
I don’t see anywhere an opposing poll on the subject, perhaps you should create one.



Why don’t you just cut to the chase and be honest none-given. Your personal preference would be to have all dogs and their owners shot isn’t it?… or am I wrong?

none given

well vikki- there is an idea, anyhow – what right do humans have to keep dogs and cats chained up, locked up and prevented from living their lives in the way nature intended – typical needy humans that have to interfere in another lifeforms existence.


If you’re so sure dogs don’t belong on beaches who’s to say we do. They have just as much a right to be there as we do. What about lifeguard dogs? I know that’s an extreme example but they do exist and save lives!

Irene Hammond

We travel from Durham in the North East every year with our 2 dogs. We love the fact that the island is dog friendly. Most places are becoming dog friendly because they want the trade. This is a retrograde step.


I completely agree with you Simon, this so called clarification has been entirely designed to try and invalidate the views of the seven thousand plus people who have signed the petition against these proposals. Spouting that the initial reports were “ fake news”, apart from not being untrue, does not change the fact that access for dog walkers is indeed being further restricted… which none of the 7k + signatories want to see happen.
I honestly think they believe we ( the plebs) are all stupid.


There is a need to ensure the voice of all signatories is coordinated in the public consultation – that there is robust representation at each and every event, and that attendees are well prepared to deal with further evasion and frustration of process by the council.

Escalation to national media and ensuring it is on the radar of candidates in the General Election.

I even suggest considering a kick starter campaign to engage legal support.

none given

using the remainers logic in brexit – if only 7700 have signed the petition then over 100,000 are against it. Ban all dogs from beaches.

I watched three different dog owners on Ryde beach yesterday allow their dog to urinate and crap on the sand – they just walked off and left it.

Filthy scumbags.


I agree Simon. I also add BEWARE, the devil is in the detail !

Mary Vine

The website On the Wight left out dates and gave impression dogs were to be banned all year round. Hence ‘inaccurate reporting’.


Semantics Mary. The fact remains that these proposals do introduce greater restrictions for more of the time. The reporting is accurate and the swerving response pathetic.

B Downer

It’s about time the council stopped dog on beach and public ares

P thomas

Total nonsense,, if only non dog owners could be banned from dog friendly beaches , plenty to choose from


You can’t walk a couple of yards at Colwell beach without seeing a pile of dog mess. Fantastic news!!

Neil Jackson

That’s a lie


There are so many people who walk their dogs on this island, I agree some sensitive places ie cemeteries dogs should be under control. However, places where people walk daily to let dogs run & burn off energy like the rec in Cowes, are they are going to be expected to have them on leads now? that’s just a joke. Dont these people have any pets? Dogs have energy, like kids do & they have places to burn off theres. Dont take away the places we use for our dogs. If this comes about I suggest us islanders with dogs… Read more »

Mark Dunsford

I can see the need to keep dogs on leads and under control in cemeteries but surely a total ban is a little insensitive to bereaved dog owners, or have I misunderstood the council’s plans?

T. Lukowitz

I agree plus the fact that Ryde Cemetery has a pavement right through it, which is a cut through from one side of Ryde to the other…it certainly helps a lot of people and those with dogs to avoid the noisy traffic. There’s more human waste in the cemeteries than dog waste…l know because we go litter picking in there.

Christinepoyner poyner

If Sandown beach is closed to dogs in summer why can’t we have yaverland not many kid play there

Linda willoughby

Many visitors bring dogs to the island and several head to yaverland as it is ideal for dogs. The proposed ban is outrageous!


Surely there is already a national law that says that dogs must be on leads in public places. People who let them off in parks etc just happen to be getting away with it !!


Oh right, so Sandown and Lake are not good enough for you then? Just let them run riot here? I am furious, Sandown and Lake do not get the respect as the rest of the Island. Oh yes, I forgot, Sandown and Lake is the dumping ground… how rude of you.


Nothing to say, ban horses (including the trials, i.e. squirrel trial etc.). Yeah, it annoys me, one rule for the horse and another one for the dog. The high and mighty horse riders jumping off their high horse, saying its organic. Rubbish, its still S^*£ and attracts the flies. YUCK!

Steve Taylor

How much to police all these areas


Typical council thinking , nothing else to do but to dream up stupid laws for the majority of us Island folk. Plenty of other more important issues ,
Horse Poo , The Floating Bridge , Over building without infrastructure Hey! the list goes on and on . Wake up Council and sort out the real issues here . You will not be getting many votes from dog owners I can assure you.


Watch the visitor numbers fall. “Come to the IOW, it’ll cost more than going to spain and your dogs must be tied up for two weeks”. R.I.P Isle of Wight.

Gillian Windram

Yaverland has always been a dog friendly beach.Why has this beach suddenly become included? These proposals are discriminatory against dog owners, next the council will be proposing ‘doggy parks’ and restrict responsible dog owners even further.

B Williams

We moved here 18 years ago because of the beaches and the dog friendly attitude on the Island. Brook beach was always a favourite with us and for our dogs, until erosion has now made it impossible to get down to the beach for older people and older dogs. St Helens Duver is also a favourite for a multitude of dog walkers, as is the Culver Down side at Yaverland. Every time we park in their car parks, we pay for the privilege and always clean up dog mess.How can this Council even consider taking away these places? They should… Read more »


Hope the council is prepared dog owning holiday makers not coming to Island anymore. This will make me think twice about visiting.


so basically all the beaches and all the other areas where you would want to take your dogs in summer even tho people pay for dog licences and clean up after their dogs you ban them. TRY BANNING people instead you will find your beaches left immaculate.

Angie Hayward

Personally getting really fed up, as a dog owner, being blamed for all ills! The council have screwed as much as they can out of car drivers and are now going to target dog owners. Yes we can walk the streets with our dogs but like most other creatures they enjoy a run! No one moans about the rubbish on the beaches to the point they would ban tourists or fishermen, no just easier to blame dog walkers. The “ summer season” seems to be getting longer and longer. The reason a lot of dog walkers are up in arms… Read more »

Az-Zahara Aziz

Whilst agreeing dogs should be banned from all beaches in the summer season as even IF (deliberate BIG IF) poo is scrapped up into a bag , which is often launched a few yards from the crime scene anyway, the gooey sticky residue still full of germs and worm eggs and lava is STILL as dangerous BUT now invisible. So MORE of a risk to children


Are you able to show any evidence whatsoever that a person has picked up a “dangerous” disease as a result of dog excreta on Island beaches?
I’ll hazard a guess that you can’t… because there are no such cases. What’s toxic is the bull*^%# comments made up by dog haters intent on spoiling the enjoyment of thousands.

Neil Jackson

I would have thought that these proposed Unenforceable rules will be ignored as are the current ones. They cannot prosecute for antisocial behaviour or trespass unless you damage anything/anyone or leave anything behind our you have intent to reside. You must however keep your dog on a lead in a public place at all times as is the law of the land. No criminal act will have been committed so how can they prosecute? I don’t think this had been thought through again.


Yaverland beach is a perfect place to take your dog. I have spoken to many a holiday maker there walking their dogs, expressing their pleasure with the dog friendly attitude on the island. I thought we embraced tourism here, dog owners have other destinations to choose from. Why when Sandown beach is dog free does Yaverland beach now need be too! Have these people from the Council considered that during winter months it is us dog owners that keep revenue going in that car parks. The same for the Duver in St. Helens. This decision is short sighted and a… Read more »


Have they nothing better to do! Is there no other burning issue they could be sorting out such as homelessness and ppl sleeping rough along the cliff walks in Shanklin…. No just p#@s off the responsible owners by introducing something already in place. They have come in high handed and now are trying to soften it by saying it’s not all the public places… That way they can get what they want. Where did this idea orignate Have they looked at statistics of ppl coming to the island Simply because it caters for dogs Are they prepared to employ wardens… Read more »

Karen allen

Unfortunately just because a dog is on a lead it does not mean the owner will pick up the dog mess, so this means that dogs cannot have fun on the beach or other places to run and swim, as many other people have said there are a lot of other issues on the island that are far more important!!!!!


Dog owners have brought this on themselves, as the leaves are falling its clear that Wootton Rec trees and bushes are littered with dog poo bags. We dont want this for children that are playing in those areas.


Looks like we will no longer go to Sandown during the summer months because we normally give the dog a run along Yaverland beach before walking along spending money on ice creams, food and the amusements in Sandown..
Such a shame, people leave far more mess than dogs!!!


Why not just make Yaverland a dog walkers only beach. All you complainers have a multitude of other Island beaches to choose from. Please consider our feelings as most of us are island residents and we abide by the dogs on beaches ban during the summer.


Will there be dedicated dog parks similar to mainland where dogs can run off their natural energy

incognito james

I think that draconiam measures such as this will only want to make me reevaluate visiting this island. Let’s face it from a touristic point of view it is a very expensive place to begin with, I’ve never been anywhere where the council are so money grabbing and force you to pay to park just about anywhere, and the ticket not being transferable. It’s a rip off island, don’t get me started on the ferry costs.

Mary Vine

Dogs not on leads can be frightening when they come up close and growl, and the owner does nothing.


Some folk do have an irrational fear of dogs, I think we can all sympathise with that Mary. Statistics on the actual dangers posed by dogs do not make those fears valid though. There is an abundance of dog restricted areas throughout most of the year in place already, and you perhaps should always head for those. Better still try to overcome your fears as you’ll find dogs to be truly wonderful creatures once you have. But please… do not seek to support proposals aimed at taking away what few options we dog walkers have. Not least because you’ll be… Read more »

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